Umbrella Network (UMB) opens for sale on Bounce on February 9 – How to join?

Umbrella Network (UMB) opens for sale on Bounce on February 9 – How to join?


2021-03-21 22:36:52

Umbrella Network will hold token sale on Bounce Certified on February 9, 2021 based on the lottery sale (in the form of fair auction). Step-by-step details about this launch will be presented in this article.

IDO Umbrella Network (UMB) on Bounce on 9/02 - How to join?
IDO Umbrella Network (UMB) on Bounce on 9/02 – How to join?

Umbrella Network (UMB) will auction 400 NFTs on the occasion of celebrating the New Year’s Day of New Year 2021. Each NFT holder will be airdropped 5000 UMB by Umbrella team after the lottery. This means that the winners of the auction will not only receive Umbrella NFT, but also UMB tokens.


Time: 09:00 PM on February 9, 2021 (Vietnam time)

Lottery sales time: 1 hour

Number of pool lottery: 2

Lottery Pool 1 – Umbrella Community

Note: Participants need to enter whitelist.

Probability of winning: To reward members who joined the community early, Umbrella will select up to X users to be eligible for Pool 1 rewards. The project will use a smart contract. contract) to draw the 250 most lucky users.

Lottery Pool 2Community Bounce

Participant: Must be a BOT holder (0.3 BOT or 30 AUCTION) and a completed Bounce user KYC.

Probability of Winning: Up to 1,000 participants will be allowed to enter the draw and the smart contract will randomly select 150 winners.

Terms and condition:

1) Lottery Pool will be open for 1 hour and eligible participants can enter the draw during this period. Access is closed if the maximum number of participants is reached.

2) Lottery Pool participation time does not affect probability of winning. The random selection is fair and equal for all participants.

3) All participants can check the results when the lottery ends. The winners will receive the NFT, while the winners will receive the base fee back.

4) The fee to pay for this lottery event is the gas fee to join and withdraw money when the user wins the lottery.

5) Once you join the lottery, you cannot withdraw money until the event ends.

What is the lottery auction event on Bounce?

During the lottery auction, users will buy lottery tickets at a fixed price (basic fee) to participate in the lottery. The token price is fixed and the base fee is set by the pool creator. At the end of the lottery session, the winner will be randomly selected by a smart contract and their base fee will automatically be swapped into auction token.

The pool creator will receive the funds raised from this sale, in return the winner will receive the swapped token from the pool. Those who participate in the lottery auction but do not win will not lose the original fee. They will receive money back from the pool.

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