Unable to extort EA, hackers publish 715 GB of data including FIFA 21 source code online

Unable to extort EA, hackers publish 715 GB of data including FIFA 21 source code online

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2021-08-04 15:33:30

The hackers behind last month’s EA data breach have released all of the files they stole from the US video game maker, after being unable to extort the company or find a third-party buyer. father.

According to the latest report from The Record, hackers recently released 751GB of EA’s compressed data, including the source code of the FIFA 21 game, on an underground hacker forum.

Earlier in June, in a thread posted on this underground forum, a group of hackers claimed to have owned the source code, SDK and other proprietary tools from the US game company.

Since EA is a giant in the video game industry, having brought in $5.54 billion in revenue in 2020 alone, hackers believe they can make a fortune by selling their data. steal this. However, because the data they stole from the company did not contain any personal or financial data, they did not attract the attention of other cybercriminals.

Unable to extort money from EA, hackers published 715 GB of data including FIFA 21 source code online - Photo 2.

715 GB of EA’s data is floating on the Internet.

After failing to find a buyer online, the hackers even tried to blackmail EA by asking the company to pay an undisclosed amount to avoid leaking proprietary data online. In fact, at one point, the hackers even requested the site Motherboard “directly send a blackmail message to EA on their behalf”.

EA refused to respond to the hackers’ requests, which is why they have now released 751GB of this data publicly on the Internet.

Contents in copies of the data files indicate that they contain source code for FIFA 21 along with tools used to support EA’s server-side services. The leaked data is also being widely distributed on torrent sites.

An EA spokesperson provided an update on the situation, explaining that “no player data was accessed” due to the data breach. The company representative also said that it is actively working with law enforcement agencies and other experts to investigate this criminal activity.

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