Under house arrest, Italian man pleads to go to prison to escape wife: ‘Better prison’

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2021-10-29 13:27:27

For some people, going to prison can also feel like freedom. Such was the recent case of a man under house arrest in Italy who asked to be jailed so he could escape his wife.

Follow The Straits Times, on Sunday (October 24), this man appeared at the police barracks asking to be put behind bars because life with his wife at home was unbearable. Previously, this man was serving a house arrest sentence for drug-related crimes.

The regional police said in a statement that the man was a 30-year-old Albanian citizen living in Guidonia Montecelio, a suburb of Rome, and that the man was “no longer able to cope with being forced to live with his wife”.

“So angry at this situation, he wanted to get rid of it and presented himself to the Carabinieri police to ask to serve his sentence behind bars.” notice said.

“I can not take it anymore”, said the man, according to the II Messagero newspaper. “The prison is better.”

Police Chief Francesco Giacomo Ferrante of Tivoli Carabinieri also told AFP: “He lives at home with his wife and family. But things don’t work out anymore. He said, ‘Listen, my life has become hell, I can’t do that anymore, I want to go. prison’.”

The man was immediately arrested for violating house arrest and the judicial authorities ordered him to be transferred to prison, as desired.

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