Unexpected success from Gravity DEX

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2021-05-19 02:31:19

Cosmos Panorama is a Series to help you update and understand all that has happened in the Cosmos ecosystem in the past week. At the end of the article, there will be a summary and sharing from my personal perspective about the Cosmos ecosystem.

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If you want to update any more projects in the Cosmos ecosystem, please comment below so I can update next time.

Overview of the current Cosmos ecosystem

Most of the current attention on Cosmos is focused on Cosmos Hub, currently, on Cosmos Hub has formed 2 main bridges:

  • IBC Bridge: Helps Cosmos Hub connect with other Blockchains.
  • Gravity Bridge: Helps Cosmos Hub connect to Ethereum.

These are all quality bridges, helping 2 big money flows to Cosmos Hub. You are interested in the Cosmos ecosystem, so pay special attention to this Cosmos Hub system and the ATOM token.

In addition, some other Blockchains that have been prominent in the Cosmos ecosystem recently, can be mentioned as:

  • Kava just launched KavaSwap – the first AMM platform on Kava.
  • Persistence is promoting marketing activities, fast-growing products.
  • Thorchain, the Cross-chain era has just begun, is ambitious to build many more Cross-chain products.
  • ….

Above is an overview of the Cosmos ecosystem. Now we come to the highlights and news of the past week.

Important updates

Highlights from Trading competition on Gravity DEX: The competition is running very successfully, with impressive parameters. More than 21,000 Traders participated with over $900 Million USD in trading volume. These data and comments from Traders gave a lot of feedback to the Cosmos construction team, helping the project to further develop this product before the official Mainnet.

Crypto.com has officially connected with Cosmos Hub: After 2 weeks of publication, Crypto.com has officially successfully connected with Cosmos. The connection will help liquidity on Cosmos Hub become more abundant, and increase interactivity on Cosmos ecosystem.

Impressive numbers in the Cosmos . ecosystem

  • $106.17 CZK: Total capitalization of the entire Cosmos ecosystem today.
  • $900 EMA: The trading volume in this Gravity DEX contest, a rather large number, shows the community’s interest in the program.

New projects

  • IRITA Chain: A project focused on NFT development on the IRIS ecosystem, this is also a Blockchain built on the Cosmos/IRIS SDK platform.

Analysis of small universes in the galaxy Cosmos

Persistence (XPRT) launches pStake – Unlocking liquidity for staking assets

XPRT +355% for the last 30 days. This is proof that Persistence is growing very fast.

Persistence is a project to build a suite of DeFi products for users, mainly organizations.

Last week, the project announced an important product in its roadmap, pStake, a product that helps users unlock liquidity of locked Staking assets.

The project will support unlocking liquidity for some famous Tokens such as DOT, LUNA, ATOM, ETH,…

Thorchain Launches Thor Wallet – Preparing for the next products

Thorchain is the most notable Cross-chain project today. The project recently announced the launch of Thor Wallet, with the goal of developing the infrastructure platform of Thorchain.

Thor Wallet will initially support storing and trading native chains such as Thorchain, Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. Then will develop more features such as:

  • Lending / Borrowing.
  • Trading Synths.
  • Name Service.
  • .…

Thorchain is a rather special Crosschain project today when it supports native token transactions of many Blockchains at the same time, a centralized and optimized wallet product for Thorchain will definitely help the project develop more, bring a better experience. smoother to the user.

Injective starts Phrase 1 during Mainnet

After a long time of research, the project Injectives has started to launch its Mainnet program.

Injectives is the first and only derivatives trading project currently on the Cosmos ecosystem. Smooth transaction experience with cheap fees will be the advantages when you transact on Injectives.

According to the roadmap, the Mainnet program will take place in 3 phases, and it will take a few weeks to complete. Let’s wait for the next new things to come to Injectives in the near future.

Secret Network Action Campaigns (SNACs)

Besides Cosmos Hub, Secret Network is one of the most prominent projects in the Cosmos ecosystem today.

Secret is a blockchain built on Cosmos that develops Secret Contract. The project is cooperating and expanding to many Blockchains such as Polkadot, BSC, … at the same time TVL, the volume of transactions on Secret is also increasing strongly, you can watch it again in “Cosmos Panorama #8” last week to know. Secret’s potential today.

Last week, continuing to be a big event in the Secret Network ecosystem, the project launched a $600,000+ Action Fund to help support projects and communities in the Secret ecosystem.

Previously, Secret also organized Secret Hackathon to attract development projects on Secret, and now is Action Campaign to attract and support communities.

It can be said that Secret is taking broad strategies to develop its ecosystem. Are you interested in this system?


Another exciting week in the Cosmos ecosystem. Not only is the success of the Trading contest on Cosmos Hub, but other projects in the Cosmos ecosystem are also growing strongly.

To summarize, some notable events that took place in the Cosmos ecosystem in the past week include:

  • The Gravity Dex contest ended successfully beyond expectations, attracting many participants and bringing a lot of good feedback to the project.
  • Persistence is developing very fast, the project has just released an important product in Roadmap, which is pStake.
  • Thorchain launches Thor Wallet – prepare for the next series of products.
  • Injectives started Phrase 1 during the Mainnet process.
  • Secret continues to launch Campaign to develop its community and ecosystem.

Here are some highlights from the Cosmos Ecosystem in the past week, what do you think about the changes in the Cosmos ecosystem this week, please leave your comments below for us to discuss. .

Cosmos Panorama is a weekly Series, updating and analyzing the latest happenings in the Cosmos ecosystem. See you guys in the next issue.

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