Uniswap is about to release version 3, what changes are you waiting for?

Uniswap is about to release version 3, what changes are you waiting for?


2021-03-24 18:14:46

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The Uniswap team has released trailers for its version 3 (v3) release. However, the official launch date has yet to be set.

Recently, a teaser appeared from the team Uniswap Labs, depicting an animated video hinting at the launch of version 3 of the project.

The tweet was then filled with excited comments from the community. The question now is, what changes do we expect in this version?

Arguably the most expected improvement is the layer 2 scaling. This is because in its current state Uniswap is too expensive for most small DeFi traders.

According to Etherscan gas tracker, the average cost of a swap transaction on Uniswap is $ 42.72. This has led almost all traders – except whales – to look for cheaper alternatives like PancakeSwap.

Based on surveys, Uniswap is likely to use Optimism for its L2 solutions.

More yield farming incentives may be given to start an upgraded platform. Platform liquidity skyrocketed in September 2020 when Uniswap launched UNI tokens and four ETH pools. The same is likely to happen if the project offers the same incentives as v3 launch time. DEX currently has a TVL of $ 5.2 billion according to DappRadar.

An airdrop is likely to come with a launch, and a big interface change is also likely. In its current state, this exchange is a bit difficult for newcomers to use, so the user experience should be significantly improved.

A native Uniswap wallet could also be in the roadmap to reduce the need to link with third-party wallets.

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