Until now the iPhone has an always-on screen! (Always On Display)

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2022-08-05 07:58:40

(CHK) The Always On Display feature is thought to be new on the iPhone, but it is too old for the mobile world.

Always on Display technology (temporarily referred to as AOD) is officially available on N86 phones (since 2009) and has been widely used on Symbian phones with AMOLED screens since 2009. 2010 as Nokia N8, C7, C6-01 and E7. After that, it appeared on many Android mobile devices and became an indispensable feature for a large number of mobile users around the world – But it was not until 2022 that Apple brought AOD to the new generation iPhone. .

Although information about the iPhone models that will be equipped with AOD feature has not been officially revealed, but the data from the recent iOS 16 beta version has shown that AOD is about to be widely covered by Apple on the iPhone. According to 9to5Mac, AOD on iOS will bring display information about the time, widgets even wallpapers (it may initially only support Apple wallpapers). To enable this feature, your iPhone must be equipped with a new generation LTPO AMOLED screen, the screens using the ‘predecessor’ LTPO background will not be equipped with AOD by Apple. The new LTPO panel allows the new iPhone models to change the frequency from 1Hz ~ 120Hz.

And yet, Apple also added a macOS-like ‘Sleep’ wallpaper, which will support AOD display, which is both beautiful and reduces battery consumption on the iPhone’s OLED screen.

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