Update Facebook Messenger now for these three cool features

Update Facebook Messenger now for these three cool features

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2021-06-11 11:34:14

(CHK) Facebook just rolled out a new update to the Messenger app that focuses on some interesting features.

Quick reply bar

The new quick reply bar will make chats much easier. The reason is that Messenger users won’t need to go back to their main chat thread if they want to add a photo or video. With the new feature, simply tapping on a photo or video and sending feedback via the quick reply bar at the bottom of the screen is enough. You will need to update to the latest version of the Messenger app to have this feature in case it doesn’t automatically update the app.

Scan QR Code

Currently only available in the US, the new QR code and payment link features are aimed at users who want to send or request money with Facebook Pay, even if they’re not connected on Facebook . Each user can now find their personal QR code and payment link in Messenger settings, under “Facebook Pay”. They can be shared to send or request payment.

New backgrounds

Last but not least, Facebook is adding some new chat topics, such as Olivia Rodrigo, World Oceans Day, and F9. The new chat themes are now available on Messenger and Instagram, so make sure to go to your chat settings, tap “Themes” and choose a theme you like.


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