Update the latest Honda Future car price list in September 2022: Increase according to the general trend, fully equipped

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2022-09-13 11:50:42

(CHK) The latest Honda Future price list in September 2022 recorded a high trend compared to the company’s proposed price.

Entering the beginning of September 2022, the price of Honda scooters suddenly increased again and digital models like Honda Future are no exception when recording a rather high price difference compared to the suggested price at the dealer.

Honda Future 2022 has 7 outstanding colors for customers to choose from: Cast rim version – disc brake has 5 colors: Black red; golden brown copper; silver green; black red; silver white. The spokes version has two colors: red black and red black. The actual prices of the standard versions of the spokes, the premium version of the cast rims and the special edition of the cast rims are VND 38,300,000, VND 40,200,000, and VND 40,700,000 respectively, in general the difference is about 8,000,000 VND. VND to 9,000,000 VND.

The manufacturer has equipped the car with the headlights of the Future car, which have been upgraded with LED bulbs and a strong design, the tail and body are designed to be slimmer combined with the taillights using LED technology; Analogue car’s instrument cluster displays basic parameters such as travel speed, fuel gauge, gearshift indicator and pretty indicator light, a smooth saddle for the driver and rear seat passenger.

Powering Honda Future is the 125cc 4-stroke, SOHC, single-cylinder engine block of the new version with a 1% increase in power and torque compared to the old version. Electric fuel injection system (PGM-FI) on the Future 2022 car helps the car save more than 7.6% fuel (according to Honda’s test results) and achieve the best fuel consumption compared to 125cc cars of the same type.

Refer to the latest Honda Future 2022 car price list at the dealer in September 2022:

Price of Honda Future 2022 Suggested price

Paper bag dealer price

Future 2022 car price standard version spokes 30,290,000 VND 38,300,000 VND
Future car price 2022 Premium version cast rims 31,490,000 VND 40,200,000 won
Future car price 2022 Special edition cast rims 31,990,000 won 40,700,000 won

The above price list is for reference only, customers should contact the nearest dealer for more details.

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