Update upcoming IDO projects on Polkastarter (POLS)

Update upcoming IDO projects on Polkastarter (POLS)


2021-03-21 23:42:50

IDO on Polkastarter is receiving a lot of attention from the community. Let’s take a look at the outstanding projects about to IDO on POLS!

Update upcoming IDO projects on Polkastarter (POLS)

What is Polkastarter and POLS token?

Polkastarter is a decentralized exchange (DEX) with a feature of being able to connect protocols in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. This platform operates on the Polkadot (DOT) system – the 3rd generation blockchain network. Projects on Polkastarter span many areas such as trading, raising capital and even the ability to implement operations. OTC.

You can read more about Polkastarter in this article: What is Polkastarter? What are the outstanding points of the POLS token?

How to join IDO on Polkastarter

Before joining IDO on the Polkastarter platform, you need to find out the information of the project you will be participating in, because each project will have different requirements and characteristics. Most people must register on Whitelist before joining the IDOs on Polkstarter.

After completing the project requirements, you can access the project website at https://polkastarter.com/ to join IDO.

Detailed instructions on how to join and connect wallets here: Instructions on how to buy IDO on the Polkastarter platform

Details about IDO projects on Polkastarter

Week 22-28 / 02 has a lot of IDO projects on Polkastarter. Source: Twitter Kyros Ventures.

SuperFarm (SUPER)


SuperFarm is a cross-chain DeFi protocol designed to help users farm NFT in the simplest way. Through SuperFarm, the project is able to farm for its tokens, pay rewards to liquidity providers, and provide special access to project services.

IDO time: 11PM days February 22, 2021 (VN time)

Total supply: 1,000,000,000 SUPER

Total IDO token sale: 10,000,000 SUPER (equivalent to 1% of total supply)

IDO sale price: 1 SUPER = 0.000013 ETH

Public Mint (MINT)


Public Mint is the complete platform for deposit collateral at FDIC insured financial institutions. Public Mint has received a $ 2.5 million investment in the Investment Round.

IDO time: days February 23, 2021

Total number of tokens for sale: 2,500,000 MINT

Price of IDO: 1 MINT = 0.1 USD

Initial capitalization: 1,600,000 USD

Polkamarkets (POLK)


Polkamarkets is a betting prediction platform built on Polkadot.

IDO time: 8PM days 24/02/2021 (VN time)

Total number of tokens for sale: 3,000,000 POLK

Price of IDO: 1 POLK = 0.03 USD

Initial capitalization: $ 672,500

Fractal (FCL)


Fractal is an open source protocol that aims to fair and open data transactions.

IDO time: days February 25, 2021

Total amount of tokens for sale: 4,000,000 FCL

IDO selling price: 1 FCL = 0.1 USD

Initial capitalization: 1.23 million USD

Unido (UDO)


Unido helps businesses manage and invest their crypto assets seamlessly, securely and intuitively.

IDO time: days February 26, 2021

Total number of tokens for sale: 1,666,667 UDO

Price of IDO: 1 UDO = 0.06 USD

Initial capitalization: $ 487,813



APYSwap is a DEX that supports trading of shares in Tokenized Vault. APYSwap uses layer-2 blockchain, where users can reliably swap accounts and assets from multiple layer-1 blockchain such as Ethereum, Polkadot, and Binance Smart Chain.

With APYSwap, crypto holders can receive passive income without the need to actively manage a portfolio. DeFi portfolio managers can trade on behalf of users and generate profits without directly interacting with users’ assets or incurring high transaction fees.

You can read more about the APYSwap project in the article: What is APYSwap (APY)? Overview of the APYSwap project and the APYS cryptocurrency.

IDO time: days 03/02/2021

Calendar of IDO upcoming projects on Polkastarter

For convenience, you can visit CHK’s IDO Calendar for information on the projects to be recently opened for sale.

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