Uquid partners with Binance to increase payments and decentralized shopping

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2021-10-28 02:48:08

Uquid and Binance officially partner to expand the payment capabilities of Binance Pay. This event marked an important development for Uquid – the worldwide online e-commerce platform.

In recent years, the online shopping payment market has attracted considerable attention and investment from large domestic and international companies. The percentage of consumers using digital payments has also increased significantly.

Understanding the market and meeting the consumer needs of the crypto community, Uquid makes it easy for Binance Pay users to experience shopping at Uquid – a decentralized e-commerce platform safely. With more than 40 cryptocurrencies supported without any fees.

This cooperation event will be an important step to enhance the customer experience, by optimizing the speed and convenience of payment. With that, more than 14 million users In the Binance ecosystem, you will also receive 10% cashback when paying with Binance Pay for all transactions from now until December 31, 2021.

Refer at: https://pay.binance.com/en/merchant-stores

Information about Uquid

Uquid Marketplace was founded in 2016 by CEO Tran Hung – a pioneer in building Bridge between DeFi and e-commerce, including more than 53,000 top-up payment products and invoices, vouchers, gift cards, in addition, Uquid also has an NFT marketplace that helps influencers sell their NFT products such as: Directed by Thanh Hoa, Miss Huynh Tien , Pole dancer- Quan Bui, Mocha Mad Dog, Kim Chi Cui….

In Q4/2021, Uquid will launch a store dedicated to providing consumer products and new features for the above DeFi payments. All information will be updated as soon as possible.

With the mission and goal of bringing a simple and close path in the cryptocurrency industry to everyone, Uquid will continue to improve the quality of service and promise to launch more than 2 million physical products in the year. now at the domain uquid.com.

Learn more about Uquid Digital & NFTs Shop here: https://shop.uquid.com

Contact for business cooperation and communication proposals: julie@uquid.com

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