USDT Rewards for Top 10 Huobi Vietnam

USDT Rewards for Top 10 Huobi Vietnam


2021-03-27 10:45:04

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Event period: 00:00 November 19, 2018 – 23:59 November 30, 2018


1. User must have Vietnamese nationality and complete verification of real name, registered IP and authentication only in Vietnam.
2. During the duration of the event, users with a total cumulative trading volume (buy / sell, not self-trade) not less than 10,000 USDT (no transaction fees) will receive the the following reward:

Top 1: 5000 USDT
Top 2: 3000 USDT
Top 3: 2000 USDT
Top 4 – 10: 500 USDT

3. In addition, users who reach twice the threshold of trading volume, ie 20,000 USDT at the end of the event, will receive the VIP1 package within 1 month. Only for 10 people.
4. Selected winners will have to pass Huobi’s KYC and anti-fraud verification process to be eligible for the bonus.
5. Huobi Global reserves the right to disqualify and receive rewards from any user who shows signs of or is suspected of cheating or violates the rules & regulations of the event.
6. All event rules & regulations are at the sole discretion of Huobi Global interpretation and final decision.
7. Except for users who use Point Card to pay transaction fees and VIP users receive transaction fee reduction, users who are receiving other offers will not be eligible to participate in this event.

For details, please see here:

Risk warning:
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The materials provided here are for reference only and are not intended for any of your particular goals, financial situation or needs. Although this document has been carefully prepared, we make no representations or warranties (directly or indirectly) as to its accuracy and integrity. To avoid confusion, the foregoing is for the sole purpose of providing general information about the usage of Huobi trading platform and does not give any professional advice or recommendations. main.

This is not an invitation or an offer to buy or sell digital currencies, nor is it advice to buy or sell a particular digital currency. Trading cryptocurrencies on margin carries a high level of risk and may not be suitable for some investors. Please carefully consider your investment objectives, experience, financial resources, risk tolerance and other relevant factors. It is possible to lose or lose all of your investment, including your initial deposit. If in doubt, seek independent professional advice.

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