Use copyrighted Windows 10, receive gifts from PSD

Use copyrighted Windows 10, receive gifts from PSD


2021-06-04 07:09:16

Many problems when using fake software

Using fake Windows operating system brings many inadequacies to users. For example, when a salesperson gives a presentation to a partner, the operating system constantly crashes, the office software always crashes, and on the presentation screen, messages asking to activate the copy code are always displayed. permission. At that time, the presenter himself and the staff will completely “lose points” in front of the partner, feeling unconfident when presenting… Especially, foreign corporate partners are very important to copyright Intellectual property is considered a meeting, your business persuasion will be difficult to achieve.

In addition, counterfeit Windows software also makes it difficult for reputable resellers and genuine distributors to provide copyrighted products to end users.

Moreover, when Covid-19 broke out, a series of businesses, agencies and organizations switched to working remotely or adopting hybrid working trends. Software or operating systems that support online work are widely used. With outstanding security and management features aimed at businesses, Windows 10 Pro is the operating system used by many large and small businesses in Vietnam. However, it is not difficult for businesses to fall into the trap of “cheap fakes” because just go to Google “cheap Windows 10 Pro” and there will be a series of places selling pirated and counterfeit goods with prices from only 200- 400 thousand dong for one user.

Many places sell fake Windows 10, tricking users into selling on websites

The “cheap” activation key is mostly fake

Use Windows 10 copyright, receive gifts from PSD - Photo 2.

Counterfeit COA stamps are mass-produced, sold separately from the product

On the market, most of the cheap keys sold are those that exploit illegal vulnerabilities in Windows 10 to activate. And of course, the key can only be used once and is not synchronized on the Microsoft account as well as stored copyright information on the computer board. Some keys that allow activation to certain devices will be locked. Therefore, every time you reinstall Windows, it will not automatically reactivate the license. The key you buy is also discarded and if you contact Microsoft, the staff will report you are using a fake copyright.

Risks of using fake Windows 10

As mentioned, using fake software, the immediate damage is your company image with partners. A genuine business is always willing to pay for copyright issues. In case, that business is also a victim of the sale of counterfeit goods, they need to contact their Microsoft Vietnam partner for timely support to avoid unnecessary long-term losses.

Furthermore, using unlicensed software leaves your computer vulnerable to viruses and other malicious software. Using software on non-copyrighted platforms will cause them to operate out of sync, continuously arise vulnerabilities or lack adequate security measures. This can open the door for hackers and will seriously affect your business.

More importantly, using unlicensed software can also lead to corrupted files and frequent data loss. You may lose important personal files and business data, like customer information and accounting information. This can disrupt or bring the entire business to a halt. Do you guarantee: after a period of use, when you reinstall Windows, can you contact the person who sold you the key?

In many countries around the world, reputable businesses respect the Law on Copyright and Intellectual Property. They consider illegal copyright trading as a form of “grabbing” business and breaking the law, so it cannot be maintained for a long time.

Using copyrighted Windows 10, receiving gifts from PSD - Photo 3.

To prevent piracy and plagiarism, in June 2021, PSD distributors and Microsoft Vietnam launched a campaign “Check COA to receive free gifts” to help customers feel secure to buy the right product. genuine and receive attractive gifts when participating in the program. Specifically, from now until the end of June 2021, in order to help customers buy with peace of mind without fear of buying the wrong fake products of poor quality. Just scan the QR and check the COA code directly with the official Microsoft distributor PSD, you will know immediately the copyright of the product. Not only that, you also receive a MobiFone scratch card worth VND 50,000. The program only applies to Windows 10 Pro – OEM products purchased at PSD’s reputable dealer system from May 24 to June 30, 2021.

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