Use security cameras at full productivity with the following 4 bold ideas, refer to technology enthusiasts right away

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2021-07-26 10:39:51

As one of the familiar items for most people, security cameras have always been considered a convenient home monitoring and monitoring tool. However, over time, people also find more interesting applications that this product can bring.

Help the days of separation not to be lonely

Today’s young people take advantage of technology to close the gap, making the distance during the epidemic season no longer so boring and tasteless. In the past, the camera’s main function was to help users monitor their home while going to work. During the epidemic, it became a bridge for family members. With the built-in two-way talk feature on newer cameras, you can observe and share everyday moments with your loved ones without having to pick up the phone to call.

The 2-way talk feature anytime, anywhere of the EZVIZ C6N wifi camera helps you to be less lonely during this quarantine season.

Many young people also take advantage of these moments with funny videos posted on social networks and receive many positive responses.

Observe and protect children from afar

It is not without reason that security cameras are on the list of indispensable technology items in young families. To be able to balance work and childcare, many families choose to hire more nannies and choose to use cameras to monitor remotely when not at home.

Camera EZVIZ C6W is loved by many young parents thanks to its ability to shoot 360-degree images, sharp 2K images and 2-way talk function.

Thanks to the ability to connect to the internet and allow parents to check the actual situation through their phone or laptop anywhere or at any time. CCTV helps parents feel more secure when leaving their children at home with a nanny. Not only that, they can also chat with the nanny through the 2-way talk feature to capture the situation at home wherever they are through the phone applications.

Increased security for the neighborhood

Today, besides CCTV cameras for households, outdoor CCTV cameras are also highly appreciated and widely used in supporting neighborhood security. In areas in big cities, many residents actively contribute to install cameras in their living areas to ensure their safety.

EZVIZ’s C8C camera is a highly rated CCTV camera with ultra-sharp night vision and automatic defense function.

With the ability to detect motion and smart recording mode, people living in the neighborhood can see clear and vivid images through the smartphone application no matter whether it is night or day. Wide-angle viewing, 1080p sharp images, night vision up to 30m, automatic defense, durable design despite harsh weather conditions are also plus points to help security cameras record point in the eyes of the people.

Security cameras help them observe and record every action that takes place during the day. The time the camera works is unlimited, regardless of whether it is early morning or late at night, every process will be recorded in detail and detail.

Contribute to your home automation

Building a smart home makes everyday tasks much easier, from turning lights on and off when you leave the house to managing home security. In many countries around the world, smart home technology is seen as the future of homes. And CCTV is also an integral part of that advanced smart home system. Through the security camera and 2-way talk feature, you can even give voice commands to control other smart home devices through the common ecosystem management app on your phone.

Security cameras bring many practical benefits, being an indispensable part of modern smart home systems.

Now, you can proactively schedule rice cooking while at work, prepare hot water on the way home, remind your children to do their homework, or communicate with visitors even when not at home through wifi cameras and products. Smart technology products in smart home system.

According to a report by 6w Research, Vietnam is among the top countries with the fastest growing number of security cameras in the region, with an annual cumulative growth rate of 12.4%, in the 2016-2021 period. It can be said that this is the best time for you to automate your home. Let’s start with the modern security camera lines of EZVIZ – the brand that provides security camera products and smart home systems with the largest market share in Vietnam in 2020. With a wide range of products, EZVIZ helps you control the whole house, making your living space more comfortable, smart and safe with just one application on your phone.

Learn more about EZVIZ’s brand and products here:


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