Use your old phone as a home surveillance camera

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2021-08-03 02:31:58

Security cameras are now a trend and almost any family needs to have to prevent being broken into by crooks. However, if you know how to take advantage of old unused smartphones to become a security camera, it will be great and much more economical.

And to do this, you must have the following items

– An old iOS or Android smartphone.

– Stable Wi-Fi connection or 3G/4G connection for old smartphones.

– Charging cable for Android or iOS smartphones.

– A charger or spare battery to power the phone.

Step 1: Download the app Alfred. This is not the only app that can turn your phone into a security camera, but Alfred is the application with the most stable connection.

This app will turn your old phone into a wireless security camera that can be accessed from afar. And especially this application is completely free

Step 2: Install finished, open the application. Alfred will display a screen that introduces the feature, and how to install the application. Click Skip in the upper right corner or press the . button Get Started/Try it out at the bottom of the screen go to settings.

At the screen I use this phone as a, choose Camera instead of Viewer and choose Get started.

Step 3: Sign in with any Google account. To ensure privacy, it is recommended to use secondary Google account instead of the main account.

Step 4: After logging in, need grant access necessary for the application such as taking pictures and recording videos, recording audio, … for the application.

Step 5: Open the app’s menu by swipe from the left edge of the screen to the right and choose Camera settings.

Here you can customize camera parameters such as the ability to record (audio), focus mode (focus mode), motion detection (motion detection), automatically open the application after the phone reboots. (open after restart), and set a password (passcode lock).

Because of the live video transmission cost a lot power, the device will drain the battery quickly. Therefore, when installing, it is necessary to connect the charger to the phone to charge it continuously.

Case not regularly monitored Yes, you can use the power bank to power the camera. Besides, you can also buy additional wide-angle lenses to increase the viewing angle of your new security camera.


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