User guide for newbies

User guide for newbies


2021-03-23 06:42:40

Ledger Nano S? Is it safe?

There are many different types of bitcoin storage wallets that we should know if we intend to invest in cryptocurrency, in addition to very secure hot wallets such as Blockchain wallet, Trustwallet, Atoken wallet, Trezor wallet, … Today CHK will introduce more details for you to know about Ledger Nano S bitcoin storage cold wallet

For those of you who have experience of safe bitcoin storage, they can store bitcoins in the top 9 best bitcoin storage wallets.

However, it requires experience and blood, to ensure that you keep your email, 2fa, computer, and phone secure to avoid being hacked and lead to loss of money injustice.

Statistics show that hundreds of millions of dollars were hacked in 2018 for this reason.

So according to BTA’s experience, Ad would like to introduce the Ledger Nano S wallet if you intend to invest in bitcoin or invest in Altcoins. You can buy Ledger wallet at original price here

What is Ledger?

Founded in 2014, Ledger is a leader in security and infrastructure solutions for cryptocurrencies and applications. blockchain.

Based in Paris, Vierzon, New York, San Francisco and Hong Kong, Ledger has a team of over 200 professionals developing a variety of products and services to protect crypto assets for individuals and companies – including the Ledger line of hardware wallets, sold in 165 countries.

What is Ledger Nano S?

Ledger Nano S is a product from Ledger company, is a cold wallet to store bitcoins and more than 1100 different altcoins, many coins are supported in ledger, including Ripple (XRP). The reasons why you should choose Ledger are undisputed:

  • Cheapest in the cold wallet hehe.
  • More secure and secure than hot wallets.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Supporting multiple coins, according to current information, supports more than 1100 altcoins.

Now, in hand CHK Having a full seal, I will open it up and introduce details and usage to everyone. Unpack the box we will see as below picture: A USB, 1 cable to connect USB to the computer, 1 wire to attach to the USB as a USB cable for such a beautiful, 3 sheets of paper Backup Phrase – This is very important, fortunately you lost your USB, thanks to the 24 words backup phrase that you can restore the original state, so don’t let anyone see these 24 words.

Ledger Nano S bitcoin storage wallet
Ledger Nano S bitcoin storage wallet
Ledger Nano S bitcoin storage wallet
Ledger Nano S bitcoin storage wallet
Ledger Nano S bitcoin storage wallet

Ledger Nano S Wallet Activation Instructions

Feeling good, let’s install, you attach the USB connection cable to the computer, it will display as shown below.

Ledger Nano S bitcoin storage wallet
Ledger Nano S bitcoin storage wallet

On the USB screen, it will display the basic instructions in English, but you just need to have a rough understanding: the left button is back, the right button is forward, press 2 buttons to select (as in the photo above, you press 2 buttons at the same time to start). When pressed, it will display the first choice like: new install or restore the old one. And you select and press it will appear as shown below.

Bitcoin ledger nano s cold wallet
Bitcoin ledger nano s cold wallet

The very special note about this, for a brand new product, when you install a new one, it will ask you to activate your PIN and 24 words backup phrase first. As for older products, when USB is inserted into the computer, it will ask for the pin code, not activate it. Some of you are cheap, buy in the wrong place, scammers sell cheap USB for you, pre-print the pin code and put it in the box, when attached to the machine, take the pin code available to log in, then determine that it will go to the bridge. Because they can take away all the money you are keeping in the ledger. So please pay close attention

Ok, continue, you enter the new PIN, enter 2 times to confirm, then press 2 buttons at the same time it will switch to 24 Phrase Backup (24 backup words). You will see these 24 words, carefully write down 3 sheets of paper above. Ledger will ask you to confirm these 24 words on the USB. Thus, the new activation of the new fully sealed USB drive took place

Bitcoin ledger nano s cold wallet
Bitcoin ledger nano s cold wallet
ledger nano s is ready
ledger nano s is ready

How to Create a Bitcoin Wallet On Ledger Nano S

Step 1: Click here to download Ledger Live software

This is a software that helps you manage more easily on the desktop, there is also a version for mobile. After installing the Ledger Live software, the first thing is to set a password for that application, so that every time you turn on the app, it will ask for the password. Then, you restore the Manager as shown below, because this is a new USB drive, and when the Manager item is unchecked, it will ask for permission to access the USB, on the USB screen, you confirm, then install the application. store coins that you plan to store

instructions for using ledger nano s wallet
instructions for using ledger nano s wallet

Step 2 : You look at the Account section in the middle left corner, there is a plus sign (Add Account) you click there to add the coin you manage (note: 1 Ledger can only store about 4-5 coins. )

instructions for using ledger nano s wallet
instructions for using ledger nano s wallet

As shown above, I choose Add Account Bitcoin, and it requires selecting the Bitcoin icon displayed in the USB Ledger, the picture below right is Ethereum, you press the left button for it via Bitcoin and press the 2 buttons simultaneously. choose is ok. Then press tiếp tục to continue.

instructions for using ledger nano s wallet
instructions for using ledger nano s wallet

Step 3 : You name it to display for your Bitcoin wallet on your Ledger Live, as I set it Bitcoin HenVai, Stick and option on the right and then press Add Account ! So you have successfully created a Bitcoin Account under the name Bitcoin HenVai, and can create more Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, … wallets, depending on you!

Step 4 : Click on the icon HenVai Bitcoin, Click Receive to create a bitcoin address. (This bitcoin address can receive money from friends, company … many times and only needs this 1 address)

On USB Ledger, you choose the Bitcoin icon to allow the Ledger Live application from the computer to connect to the USB Ledger.

instructions for using ledger nano s wallet
instructions for using ledger nano s wallet

Step 5 : Once connected successfully, you click the Continue icon, through the confirmation step, on the computer it will display the Bitcoin address and QR Code of that Bitcoin, and in the USB Ledger it will display the bitcoin address. and confirm if the bitcoin address in the USB Ledger is the same in the computer or not, if the same, click confirm on the USB Ledger.

I covered my QR Code and address, but the real picture isn’t that bad haha.

Confirm the address is the same or not, press the right button on the USB to confirm. Once confirmed, that Bitcoin address is already the BTC address on the USB Ledger that you own, you can transact to receive and send bitcoins.

Instructions for Receiving And Sending Bitcoin On Ledger Nano S Wallet

1. Get Bitcoin

Receiving bitcoin is quite simple, creating the wallet above helps you have a bitcoin address, you just use that address to receive bitcoin.

2. Send Bitcoin

On the right corner of the Ledger Live app, choose “Send”

  • Account to debit: choose account, if you send bitcoin, you can choose Bitcoin HenVAi or Bitcoin PAPA account as shown, if sending LTC, choose LTC
  • Recipient address: the receiving address
  • Amount: The amount you want to send
  • Network fees: transaction fees, just to standard it is fine

Sending coins out will go through 4 steps as shown

  1. The Detail step is the details of the information to be sent
  2. The next step is the Device, which connects to the USB Ledger
  3. Step Verification Vertification: After connecting to the USB Ledger, you will have to confirm with the USB ledger by pressing the button on the USB to confirm
  4. The last step is confirmation: is a step to review carefully to see if the information sent is correct, then confirm it twice! And the money will be sent on request

Instructions for Receiving and Sending ETHEREUM on Ledger Nano S Wallet

To receive and send ETH, you must first create an ETH wallet. The steps are done exactly the same as and send and receive exactly the same way as with BTC above

Receive And Send USDT-ERC20

On Ledger with the latest firmware update, there is support for storing USDT-ERC20. Go to Ethereum Wallet address, select add Token

You choose coin USDT, then follow the steps to confirm.

In essence, this address is the ETH address, but you follow the steps in the correct process to add USDT confirmed to have been generated.

And you can rest assured to store USDT above if you are afraid that “the floor will collapse”.


CHK has instructed you to know the most details about Ledger Nano S wallet, how the advantages of Ledger cold wallet are like. The article also introduces details about the usage, new and old goods identification, how to secure what’s important, and why should you choose Ledger as a bitcoin and altcoin storage wallet if you identify the Long term privacy and hold to die. Put the coins in the USB and then bring it in the safe for your children and grandchildren (just fun). Hope you guys always support CHK. If you have a need to buy Ledger Cold Wallet or have any questions about the Ledger topic, please inbox for CHK fanpage Please

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