Users lose patience with iPhone 14 Pro Max

Users lose patience with iPhone 14 Pro Max

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2023-01-31 02:54:07

DailyMail reported, many iPhone 14 Pro / Pro Max users have reflected the problem of the device hanging when users charge the phone, transfer data from the previous phone or connect to WiFi.

Although Apple has released a number of iOS updates since the iPhone 14 Pro Max launched last September to fix bugs that affect the user experience, it seems that the above situation has not been fixed. dress.

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Many iPhone 14 Pro / Pro Max users have reported that the device hangs when using, charging the battery

A user shared with DailyMail about her iPhone freezing and shutting down when charging overnight. This made her almost late for work because the alarm that was set earlier did not sound.

Many owners of Apple’s latest iPhone models have also expressed their disappointment on Apple’s social media and official forums. These people said that they have never had similar problems with previous iPhonr models.

One user wrote on Apple’s website: “I charged my iPhone before going to bed and when I woke up, the screen was all black and wouldn’t start. I started with the volume + button combination + // and power button but to no avail.”

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As far as I find out, other people are also having this problem and some other errors. Don’t know what to do but go to the Apple Store to wipe and reinstall the operating system. Feeling so annoying“.

Besides, there are also other users who report that their iPhone freezes and crashes while in use.

This can happen at any time. I couldn’t even restart my phone for 2 hours because it froze in the ‘slide to restart’ part. It’s frustrating and I don’t know what to do“, an iPhone 14 Pro Max user said.

On social media, some other users have described their iPhones crashing when they open apps or activate notifications.

User Penny Henderson wrote on Twitter: “The iPhone 14 Pro Max is the worst phone I’ve ever owned. Minor error, the app crashes every day, I think I will get my money back because this product is not ready for sale.”

Apple has released several iOS updates since the smartphone’s launch in September, but none seem to fix the freeze issue.

In an internal Apple memo received by MacRumors, “Apple defect” admitted to discovering a bug that caused iPhone 14 models, including iPhone 14 Pro Max, to freeze when customers transfer data from old iPhones. . The memo mentions that Apple says its engineers are “aware of this happening and are investigating”.

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Apple has rolled out a number of software updates since the iPhone 14 launched in early September last year, the latest version being iOS 16.3 was released a few days ago.

Sharing with DailyMail, smartphone expert Steven Athwal of retailer The Big Phone Store said that there seem to be a lot of reports of iPhone freezing, but there are still easy fixes.

If your iPhone freezes, I suggest you try a ‘hard key restart’ – this is what forces you to manually turn off your phone and then turn it back on by holding down certain buttons“, Mr. Athwal shared.

Start by pressing the volume “UP” button, then release, then the volume “DOWN” button, then release, and then press and hold the POWER button until the Apple logo appears. This should resolve most crashes, but if you’re still having issues, try plugging your phone into a PC or laptop and connecting to iTunes instead.“, added Mr. Athwal.

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Users are advised to try ‘hard key restart’ if iPhone freezes

If you are facing multiple crashes, Athwal suggests some measures that can be helpful as follows.

Most of the time, iPhone hangs due to being overloaded by too many processes so if the problem persists I suggest you close any unused apps or disable apps running in the background.“, suggested Mr. Athwal.You should also double-check your iPhone’s storage as this can quickly slow down your iPhone and make it more susceptible to damage, so delete the pictures and videos you don’t need and store them in iCloud as much as possible. as soon as possible.”

DailyMail has reached out to Apple for comment on the matter but has not received a response.

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