Vacuum Dreame D9 robot with extremely strong suction force of 3000Pa, belongs to Dreame company

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2021-04-01 17:39:41

Vacuum Dreame D9 robot is an international version being distributed genuine by Mivietnam

The first strong impression of Dreame D9 Robot is that it has a suction force of up to 3000PA, which is superior to other robots in the same segment 1500PA-2500PA. With strong suction power, it is easy for the robot to clean and vacuum clean on the floor surface, but in small grooves in the house, carpet area, dust is blown away immediately when the robot goes through.

The next remarkable thing about this robot line is that it has the ability to recognize smart carpets, one of the features found only on high-end robots. During the cleaning process, when meeting the robot carpet, it will automatically increase the suction power to the maximum so that it can suck deeply and clean the carpet surface.

The robot’s water box is quite large with a capacity of 270ml, allowing the robot to clean more than 200m2 of the floor, in addition to a large water tray, the manufacturer has added intelligent water discharge control for Dreame D9 robot with 3 modes Degree: Less water, medium, and plenty of water. You can easily adjust the amount of water to suit the floor or depending on the weather, dry, wet conditions.

There is a small restriction here that is recommended from the manufacturer not to use detergent or floor cleaner for Robot D9. Therefore, if the floor has stubborn stains or grease, we should handle it more effectively.

Vacuum Dreame D9 robot with extremely strong suction force 3000Pa of Dreame company - Photo 2.

In order for the robot to operate more efficiently and smarter, you need to connect the robot to the “Mi home” application, with this application users can perform remote robot control and install other special features. .

Vacuum Dreame D9 robot with extremely strong suction force 3000Pa of Dreame company - Photo 3.

The interesting feature to mention is that creating a non-working area, a virtual wall is very useful when you do not want the robot to go into areas such as the laundry room, toilet, water washing area … easy to damage, affect operation. engine. Also, areas such as carpets or areas need to be dry, you can choose the do not wipe zone mode so that the robot avoids wiping the area.

With the timer function will help optimize the controls, save you time. For example, you can set it up every day at 6am to welcome a fresh morning and 5pm every day when you get home after a tiring day of work then everything is fine. Just like that, the robot works regularly with a regular frequency, you absolutely do not have to worry about moving the house anymore, take a break, spend your precious time for yourself, work, and take care of yourself. family squirrel.

Vacuum Dreame D9 robot with extremely strong suction force 3000Pa of Dreame company - Photo 4.

No wipe zone, no work zone setting, and room divider setting

The machine is equipped with Laser 3.0 LDS eye system and advanced SLAM algorithm, which helps the robot to map in real time your house accurately and without missing any area. Once there is a specific map, the robot will automatically calculate the most efficient route for each room to shorten the working time. You can divide your own working room, and customize the working order of each room to your liking.

The robot can work completely automatically without your supervision thanks to up to 13 sensors with high accuracy for precise positioning on the map, anti-falling stairs, anti-collision Damaging furniture, preventing entanglement on wires, children’s toys …

Regarding the ability to save maps, currently the machine can only save 1 map, according to the manufacturer, the device is equipped with hardware to save 3 maps, but this feature only appears in the maps. upcoming software updates.

Equipped with a large capacity 5200mAh battery, the Robot Vacuum Dreame D9 has a high capacity of 5200mAh battery that lasts for about 2.5 hours, equivalent to about 240m2 of vacuuming and 200m2 of cleaning the house on a single charge (with standard conditions and lowest suction power) .With about 100m2 apartment, you will use 2 times to clean the whole new apartment that needs charging.

The battery problem you can rest assured after completing the cleaning job, the robot automatically returns to the charging dock, fully recharging the battery to serve the next operation. In the field of your home larger than 240m2 the robot will automatically recharge the battery and will continue the unfinished cleaning process before.

Vacuum Dreame D9 robot with extremely strong suction force 3000Pa of Dreame company - Photo 5.

Many people still wonder when buying the robot vacuum cleaner when they have to spend a pretty large amount of more than 10 million and are confused when deciding to buy the product. You will no longer have to wonder again with the new advanced version Robot Dreame D9, which costs less than 8 million. Helps you and your loved ones, have more time to rest and relax at home.

The product is currently distributed by Mivietnam, you can refer and buy here: Robot Dreame D9

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