Video “Bad day at work” or internet first hoax?

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2021-05-07 09:44:05

You must have seen this video somewhere on the internet. But I’m sure very few people know the real story behind this video.

In the video is a scene of a man sitting in his desk with a disappointed face. A few seconds later, he (nicknamed Angry Man) stood up and picked up the keyboard and slammed hard on the old CRT screen. A frightened colleague poked his head through the wall as Angry Man raised his foot and kicked the screen lying on the ground.

This video went viral by email in 1997 and became the world’s first viral video. It even caused problems for email services at that time when they could not load. Until now, this video still appeared on social networks as GIF images.

But is Angry Man really having a bad day at work? Is this video the first internet hoax?

Vinny Licciardi is the main character in the video. He was then working for a startup called Loronix. This is an interesting company and everyone wanted to work here at that time.

Loronix is ​​developing a DVR technology for security camera systems and needs sample video to demonstrate capabilities to customers. So Licciardi and his boss, CTO Peter Jankowski, came up with weird ideas together.

After several tries with different ideas, Licciardi came up with the intention of playing a disgruntled employee. They took an old, decommissioned computer to make this scene. For the first time filming, everyone in the office laughed and they had to do a second shoot to succeed.

Looking closely you will see that Angry Man turns to look at the camera and then smirks slightly. He also smiled lightly at his colleague in the box next to him

They converted the video to MPEG-1 format for best compatibility with Windows Media Player to reach as many people as possible. The video had a resolution of 352 x 240 pixels, which was a great standard at the time.

Next, Jankowski and Licciardi recorded the video on promotional CDs and presented them at trade shows along with a company flyer. Then, they forgot about the existence of this video.

A year later, badday.mpg started being shared and distributed in many different companies. Due to the large size of the file, it caused a number of problems. Loronix Company regularly receives humorous calls like: “Hey you know your videos are being sent out everywhere and it is ruining the email servers”.

Besides opening up the trend of viral video making, Licciardi’s product – also known as badday.mpg – is also the ancestor of disruptive video genres. In the two decades since badday.mgp appeared, [n-person] destroy [x-object] in [y-location] Has become the trusted recipe for creating viral content.


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