Video chat and manual TV control with BRAVIA CAM smart on Sony TV

Video chat and manual TV control with BRAVIA CAM smart on Sony TV


2022-12-26 11:46:55

Accordingly, BRAVIA CAM will automatically adjust the sound and picture according to the position and distance when watching TV; thereby making the sound, including dialogue, clearer and more vivid, while the brightness of the picture will be optimally adjusted according to the environment. BRAVIA CAM also opens up new ways to watch TV by allowing manual control of the TV, alerting if children get too close, and automatic power saving mode. In particular, this smart camera allows connecting and chatting on TV through the Google Duo video calling application.

Video chat on the big screen

As one of the most interested features, the BRAVIA CAM camera when connected to a BRAVIA TV allows users to receive video calls through the Google Duo application. This interesting feature will help you connect relatives and friends through the large TV screen, with sharp, vivid and natural images, thereby blurring all distances.

The ultimate experience wherever you are

In addition, the use of BRAVIA CAM will allow the BRAVIA XR TV to activate the Ambient Optimization Pro feature (applicable from the X90K series and above), optimizing the viewing experience exclusively for you through the ability to adjust the picture and Sound by environment:

  • The picture is always optimal no matter where you are in the room: detecting the distance between you and the TV, BRAVIA CAM adjusts the TV brightness so you always enjoy the perfect picture, no matter where you are in the room. The TV’s light and color sensors optimize the picture according to lighting conditions, for the best possible viewing experience.
  • Experience perfect sound from anywhere: BRAVIA CAM tracks you and your position, even when you’re viewing it from the side of the TV, to adjust the left-right balance for optimal sound. Wherever you are in the room, you will enjoy the same sound quality as sitting in front of the TV.
  • Hear your voice clearly no matter where: By detecting your viewing distance, BRAVIA CAM can automatically adjust the “voice zoom” feature so you can hear dialogue clearly. The volume of dialogue on the TV increases when you move away from the TV and decreases when you get closer.

More gadgets and smart features

Not only optimizing the audio-visual experience, the BRAVIA CAM camera also opens up a series of interesting things on BRAVIA TVs, applications for models from X80K and above. First, BRAVIA CAM allows manual TV control, such as changing content (next/previous/fast forward), volume control and many other settings with hand gestures without the need for a remote (controller). remote control).

The BRAVIA CAM camera has a proximity alert mode, which allows you to set a suggested viewing distance for children and alerts you if they get too close to the TV. In addition, the device has an automatic power saving mode, which can optimize power consumption by automatically dimming the screen when you are not in front of the TV. The time to reduce the brightness will be set actively by the user himself.

In addition, the BRAVIA CAM connects to the BRAVIA TV quickly and easily via the USB port. At any time, you can use the BRAVIA CAM top camera cover switch to close the camera and create privacy.

Sale price and promotion

BRAVIA CAM camera is currently sold at Sony stores and agents nationwide for VND 4,500,000. From now until January 31, 2023, customers who buy BRAVIA CAM will receive a 30% discount when buying together with a BRAVIA TV.

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