Video introduction Uniswap version 3 sold as NFT for $ 525K USD

Video introduction Uniswap version 3 sold as NFT for $ 525K USD


2021-03-30 00:40:44

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Excitement in the industry NFT seems to be at its peak in the past few weeks, as many products have been “digitized” into NFT and sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars and sometimes up to several million dollars. As recently as the introductory video Uniswap v3 NFT was sold for over $ 500,000.

As for the decentralized blockchain liquidity protocol provided by Ethereum, Uniswap recently tweeted an animated video to promote the project’s highly anticipated v3 platform. The video was then put up for auction in the form of NFT, which is hardly surprising as the world appears to be drowning in the current NFT craze.

Notably, the video and NFT – created by an artist named “@ pplleasr1,” – for 310 ETH, is currently worth more than $ 520,000.

NFT was purchased by an early DAO of its kind named “plerdao”. As a product of the ideas of PoolTogether co-founder Leighton Cusack, Plerdao can purchase more digital artifacts with current treasury worth nearly $ 200,000.

Notably, all proceeds from the Uniswap NFT sale will be donated to the Stand With Asians movement to support and mitigate hate crimes and discrimination against Asian Americans and the public. islands in the Pacific Ocean.

Pplpleasr said it took her more than a month to produce the Uniswap NFT. NFT has been auctioned off on the NFT marketplace Foundation.App.

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