Video of 13.8 billion years of space history sums up in 60 seconds

Video of 13.8 billion years of space history sums up in 60 seconds


2021-03-30 14:57:15

This 60-second video summarizes the nearly 14 billion-year history of the universe, including all the most important events that happened in the history of the universe in general and humans in particular. Please take some of your time to witness all of these important events.

The universe is an infinite vast and infinite space that so far people have not known what its limit is. In the universe contains galaxies. Currently, humans only observe the universe within a radius of 3.1025m, containing about 10 billion galaxies, 1020 stars with a total mass of about 1050kg.

In addition, up to now we still do not know the history of the universe and accept the theory of the Big Bang (big bang) as the time when the universe was created. This time is known as cosmic time and to date the universe is 13.8 billion years old.

But before the explosion of what the universe was, what gave birth to the Big Bang … there are many unanswered issues that so far humans have yet to find an answer.

Homo sapiens – present humans on Earth only appeared 200,000 years ago, a small number compared to the history of the Earth (4.6 billion years), the Sun or the Universe .

To learn more about the universe and galaxies, stars, planets … and the human journey to explore the universe, please visit the Space Science section of


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