Vietcombank Call Center, Vietcombank hotline number

Vietcombank Call Center, Vietcombank hotline number


2021-03-23 04:56:51

VCB Call Center is a necessary phone number for customers to contact Vietcombank when they need service advice, or answer questions during the use of the bank’s services. Currently, Vietcombank’s switchboard is on duty 24/24, receiving and answering customers’ questions all days of the week. And in order to help customers in all provinces to communicate more conveniently and easily to the Vietcombank’s switchboard, the bank has a separate Vietcombank switchboard phone number for each province. The following article will summarize the number of Vietcombank switchboard.

Vietcombank hotline

Vietcombank Hotline for all services that customers care about, want to answer questions 1900545413. Then you Press 1 to use Vietnamese, Press 0 to meet the operator. When meeting the operator, customers will be consulted about the problem they are having. Then, if necessary, the staff will ask for more customer information and account number to check.

In addition, Vietcombank’s SMS switchboard is 6167.

Vietcombank’s number in the provinces

Currently, in each province where Vietcombank has a branch or transaction office, there is a separate contact phone number for customers to call directly to that Vietcombank bank area.

  • VCB Hanoi Branch Head Office: 0243 974 6666
  • VCB Bac Ninh Branch Office: 0222 381 1880
  • VCB Thai Nguyen Branch Office: 0 208 365 8200
  • VCB Quang Ninh Branch Office: 0203 362 9215
  • VCB Da Nang Branch Office: 0236 382 211
  • Head office of VCB Nha Trang Branch: 0258 382 6279 or 0258 829 689
  • Branch office of VCB Ho Chi Minh City: 083 829 7245
  • VCB Bien Hoa Branch Office: 0251 391 5366
  • VCB Dong Nai Branch Office: 0251 382 3666
  • VCB Binh Duong Branch Office: 0274 383 1227

When customers call the bank switchboard, Vietcombank does not apply fees but only pay for telecommunications charges. In addition, VietcomBank regulates the fee applicable to customers using SMS VietcomBank as follows:

  • Information inquiry service: 1,000 VND / SMS
  • Active SMS service: 8,800 VND / month / Registered phone number
  • VCB-eTopup service: 1,000 VND / top-up


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