Vietnam tops the list of global crypto-receiving countries 2022

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2022-09-18 14:14:01

According to the latest report from Chainalysis, Vietnam continues to hold the No. 1 position in the global cryptocurrency adoption index in 2022.

In “Global Cryptocurrency Adoption Index 2022” report of the famous cryptocurrency security and statistics unit Chainalysis, Vietnam continues to be the leading country in terms of crypto usage.

Chainalysis assessed a country’s crypto adoption based on five criteria, including:

  • Volume of deposits on centralized exchanges (CEX);
  • Trading volume on CEX exchanges by individual investors;
  • P2P trading volume;
  • Deposit volume on decentralized exchanges (DEX);
  • Volume traded on DEX exchanges by individual investors.

Accordingly, the results of Chainalysis’s data aggregation and ranking are as follows:

2022 is the second consecutive year that Vietnam topped the “Global Cryptocurrency Adoption Index”, an achievement no other country has achieved. The report commented that Vietnam is a country with a comprehensive rate of CEX, DEX and DeFi usage; has a high rate of people knowing about and investing in crypto, and is where the Play-to-Earn and Move-to-Earn game genres become quite popular.

Besides, another trend indicates that the Top 20 countries at the top of this list mainly have a per capita income that is moderate – good, except for two high-income names, the United States and the United Kingdom. .

Although the market has seen a decline since the beginning of 2022, affecting the global adoption of cryptocurrencies, the current statistics are still higher than before the 2020 uptrend.

Previously, Vietnam was also in the top of a series of statistics on cryptocurrency adoption in 2021.

  • Top 1 in crypto adoption index (Chainalysis)
  • Top 1 in crypto ownership index with 41% of people owning (Finder)
  • Top 2 in DeFi Adoption Index (Chainalysis)
  • Top 3 in terms of monthly Metamask wallet users

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