Vietnamese IT personnel remove the label of “outsourcing”

Vietnamese IT personnel remove the label of “outsourcing”

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2022-07-06 12:10:40

Vietnamese IT personnel remove the pure label “outsourcing”

After 5 years of officially joining the software export race, CMC Global, a strategic member of CMC Technology Group in this field, is well aware of the limitations of traditional outsourcing in promoting productivity. capacity, creativity and core values ​​for the IT industry in general and Vietnamese IT personnel in particular.

Therefore, with strategic advice from McKinsey, CMC Global has started a roadmap to transform from traditional outsourcing services to export IT products and services: redirecting traditional services to providing IT services. providing digital transformation services, and converting pure Offshore Development Centers (ODCs) into full-life-cycle projects from survey, inquiry, consultation, implementation and handover. At that time, comprehensive consulting-implementation cooperation projects are not only the focus of CMC Global’s long-term project development strategy, but also a strong point to attract and retain high-quality human resources. in this tumultuous period.

Commenting on the Vietnamese IT human resource market, Mr. Nguyen Viet Bach, CDO – Production Director of CMC Global, said that CMC Global’s resources have great advantages not only in terms of quantity and competitive cost, but also really appreciated for the quality.

Vietnamese IT personnel ranked 10th, and IT personnel in Hanoi in particular ranked 5th, on the Skills Ranking for Programming from SkillValue Report 2022. “Compared to 5-10 years ago, quality Vietnamese personnel is developing rapidly, evenly in both technical and foreign languages.You are professionally trained, possess a rich skill set, and especially foreign languages ​​and other soft skills are good. They have a clear sense of the skills a global employee needs to work in an international environment”, Mr. Bach shared.

On the other hand, that potential can only be fully exploited if the software production units also make drastic changes in the nature of the project, so that Vietnamese personnel do not just stop at “coding”. .

Mr. Bach said that professional development opportunities or technical challenges are the top factors that IT personnel prioritize when considering a new job opportunity. “Previously, these aspects were weak points when attracting personnel to join and stick with a software outsourcing company. With the current CMC Global, in addition to the top competitive salary and bonus regime in the market, we can fully meet the requirements of that long-term career development.”

In addition to the market-leading competitive salary and bonus regime, CMC Global can fully meet the requirements of long-term career development.

Leading in the large project groups at CMC Global, the S2K Grand Project cooperates with a strategic partner who is one of the largest technology groups in Korea with a total value of up to 150 million USD. CMC Global personnel have the opportunity to participate comprehensively from consulting to implementation without relying too much on partner experts.

“At S2K, we have a young, enthusiastic and capable team. As one of the largest-scale projects in Vietnam to date, S2K gives you the opportunity to approach with many hot technologies such as Cloud, RPA, IoT…; approach and learn about trending fields such as Logistics, Ecommerce, Manufacturing…

Along with that, overall thinking and soft skills when working with major international partners are also clearly shaped. You have the opportunity to consult and learn the standard project implementation and operation process from leading companies, to be evaluated, the optimal solution for the system, to directly present ideas and give awards. exchange with customers. Many small projects in CMC Global’s S2K achieved absolute survey scores from customers about the quality of service delivery.” Mr. Bach added.

On the other hand, CMC Global also implements a methodical investment strategy in training to strengthen the comprehensive capacity of the staff, from professional qualifications, consulting, foreign languages, to adaptability and understanding. partner culture. Deploying in-depth training courses and creating environments and projects for practical application is how CMC Global is building real, dynamic and creative IT human resources.

Mr. Bach affirmed that “CMC Global has been doing its best to achieve the goal by 2025 to completely eliminate “outsourcing” in services, with more than 50% of revenue coming from digital transformation products. The S2K project, with the goal of expanding to 2,000 employees this year, is expected to be a big mark of CMC Global and the Vietnamese software export industry in the transition to remove the “outsourcing” label. .

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