Vietnam’s “Four Kings Streamer” ViruSs revealed to invest a “huge” amount in Bholdus token (BHO)

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2021-10-30 20:59:03

In the talkshow “The Investor Story” taking place on the evening of October 29, Vietnam’s top streamer ViruSS disclosed to have invested in the Bholdus (BHO) project.

Vietnam’s “Four Kings Streamer” ViruSs revealed to invest a “huge” amount in Bholdus token (BHO)

ViruSs (Dang Tien Hoang) is a famous and first generation streamer in Vietnam. He owns 2 YouTube channels with millions of followers, along with a Facebook fanpage of more than 4 million likes. In 2019, VirusSs was once recognized by a famous newspaper The New York Times mentioned as the most popular streamer in Asia.

In his music career, ViruSs is also very successful when he is marked by many songs, the most prominent of which is the song “Crazy Boy” because he plays the role of musician and music producer, collaborating with the singer. Justatee and Huong Ly. The song has reached 169 million views on Youtube, receiving the appreciation of music lovers, not only at home but abroad. His music company also directly manages singer Thuy Chi – the voice used to be a childhood and caused a stir in a generation of 8-9X in Vietnam.

At the age of nearly 30, VirusSs began to push into the business and investment segments. He has held a series of important positions in many large entertainment and media companies, in which there is no shortage of companies that he owns and contributes capital. Some of these positions include: Director of VTVPlay, Director of Marketing GearVn, owner of many cafes and rooms in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, owner of VR Studio as a director and producer. music…

Recently, in talkshow “The Investor Story” Along with Mr. Duong Vi Khoa – Vice President of VIRESA, ViruSs shared that he is very interested in the field of technology, especially blockchain. In it, ViruSs revealed that he invested a large amount of money in BHO tokens.

BHO is the native token of the Bholdus project, an inter-blockchain trading platform that helps to popularize decentralized financial applications – DeFi App, and NFTs.

Bholdus is on a mission to bridge the gap between the digital currency space and real-world verified assets through blockchain with optimal cost, security and outstanding transaction processing speed.

In the 5-year roadmap, Bholdus aspires to become a multinational technology “unicorn”, focusing and emphasizing the vision of building a Multi-Hub about GameFi and Metaverse, bringing limitless and defining experiences. reinterpretation of a new real world.

Update information about Bholdus at:

Website | Telegram News Global | Telegram Chat Global | Twitter | Fanpage

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