Viettel Internet – Multi-package, thousands of utilities to support a great experience

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2022-08-08 14:24:09

Internet installation also requires really quality packages to bring the best user experience support utilities. In particular, Viettel internet installation is a service that is meeting all expectations.

Viettel Internet is known as one of the famous services from the leading network operator in Vietnam. However, in the process of registering for the first time to find a package to use, many people will surely have problems not knowing which package is really suitable for them.

Then, in order to install Viettel internet, everyone needs to understand the internet packages that this carrier provides to easily make a choice. As a famous network operator, Viettel now offers many different packages to suit all needs of users from home, office, business place. Here are some suggested packages for your reference:

Set up wifi for home

For families, the demand for use is not too much, so everyone should prioritize choosing a package with a speed of about 30Mbps. About the device, people can use the wifi modem provided by the network operator as the main transmitter, meeting 7-15 users.

In case the total access device is larger than 15 users, everyone should upgrade to a new router, or if the usage area is up to 100m2, you will have to equip more wifi modems to expand the signal area to help the process. use to meet demand.

People can consider choosing Viettel’s SuperNet package today with service prices from 245,000 VND – 370,000 VND/month. When installed, it will be equipped with a Home Wifi kit to be able to use the free Wifi Mesh network.

Install wifi for coffee shop

For coffee shops, there will often be a larger number of users, so the requirements for installing Viettel optical cable will also be higher. Usually will choose the type from 100Mbps – 250Mbps will easily meet your needs.

In addition, to be able to optimize costs, people can choose Viettel’s SuperNet packages with a supply speed of up to 250Mbps. At the same time, when you sign up for this package, you will be equipped with a strong ONT F670Y wifi modem, and a Home Wifi H196A device kit to improve coverage up to 300m2, along with a load capacity of up to 120 users.

Installing business wifi

For businesses with a small and medium number of employees, but also with a large number of concurrent users, you also need to choose packages with bandwidth from 120 – 500Mbps, combined with a capable router High load capacity, compatible with total access equipment.

In addition, people should also consider to be able to choose a load balancing device during use to ensure that the wifi network operates more stably. At the same time, depending on the coverage area, you can equip additional dedicated Access Points to support.

Here are some packages for your reference:

Viettel Internet - Multiple packages, thousands of utilities to support a great experience - Photo 2.

Basically, Viettel now provides a variety of fiber optic packages to meet all the needs of users. With the use of Viettel internet network, customers have the opportunity to receive many practical benefits and incentives including:

– Experience multi-packs of fiber optic cable with super preferential prices.

– Viettel has many promotion policies when installing packages such as free installation, discount packages, …

– The probability of occurrence of damaged or broken cables is very low.

– Always have the companion and support of dedicated and experienced staff.

– Transparent and quick legal contract procedures.

– Install wifi quickly after 3 days of signing the contract.

– Quick installation process, maximum user support.

– Support maintenance and maintenance throughout the whole process of using wholeheartedly.

Viettel Internet - Multiple packages, thousands of utilities to support a great experience - Photo 3.

If you are in need of installing Viettel internet, need advice on choosing the right package, updating promotions, you can contact directly at, an official agent of Viettel to advice. For more information, please visit the website: or hotline: 0981669889 for quick support when needing to install viettel network.

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