VInFast brings the ‘future of mobility’ to the Los Angeles Auto Show 2021

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2021-11-11 14:17:16

The idea of ​​”The future of mobility” comes from VinFast’s own vision – “Becoming a smart electric car company that strongly promotes the global electric vehicle revolution”. The “future of mobility” that VinFast is aiming for is a sustainable future when everyone can enjoy traveling by smart, safe, enjoyable and environmentally friendly vehicles. VinFast believes in the philosophy of “technology for the sake of life” to serve everyday life and bring exciting experiences to customers.

The above key message will be present throughout all the details and layouts at VinFast’s nearly 800m2 exhibition space. All design and shaping details in the booth will be carried out in a minimalist style with prominent white and blue main colors. This is also the signature color of VinFast’s brand identity – it is likened to an energetic “green spark” that is constantly promoting the global smart mobility revolution.

Revealing a part of VinFast’s “Future of mobility” vision are two electric car models VF e35 and VF e36. The design team of VinFast and the world famous design unit Pininfarina used a modern design language, combining soft curves with strong, strong cuts. Contrasting elements are arranged in a harmonious and interesting way, giving a special visual impression, making the two models always seem to be in motion, creating a special Dynamic Balance beauty. The interior of the car is also designed with the priority of creating comfort and excitement for users with sophisticated and meticulous details and luxurious and comfortable space.

VInFast brings the 'future of mobility' to the Los Angeles Auto Show 2021

True to the spirit of “The Future of Mobility”, a number of smart technologies that promise to create excitement and create motivation for users to switch to electric vehicles will be revealed by VinFast at the exhibition. Typically: Intelligent Security System, Traffic Monitoring System and Drivers developed by VinAI; ADAS Testing Service and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Autonomous Routix, implemented by Vantix. In particular, the Routix test solution helps to detect problems in the shortest time with absolute accuracy, raising the safety standards of each vehicle.

Michael Lohscheller, General Director of VinFast Global, shared: “VinFast believes that the ‘Future of mobility’ will be smart electric cars that are highly personalized and integrated with ‘technology for life’. live’, being environmentally friendly, meeting safety standards, creating a superior and comfortable driving experience. Los Angeles Auto Show is known as a pioneering auto show leading the trend of car consumption, so VinFast considers this the perfect place to announce its commitment to the green traffic trend and encourage all people switch to using electric vehicles.”

VInFast brings the 'future of mobility' to the Los Angeles Auto Show 2021

To achieve the above challenging goal, VinFast has been constantly striving to bring the opportunity to own an electric vehicle with advanced technologies, competitive prices, outstanding after-sales service with a 10-year warranty policy. year to encourage gasoline car users to safely switch to electric vehicles.

Lisa Kaz, General Manager of the Los Angeles Auto Show said: “Electrification has been the biggest transformation in the world auto industry in the past 100 years. The Los Angeles Auto Show is very excited to welcome electric car manufacturers, including VinFast, to the exhibition, providing the opportunity to discover the first electric car brand from Vietnam and the latest electric vehicles. In particular, VinFast will also bring to this exhibition an inspiring vision of the automotive electrification trend – ‘The future of mobility’. We will continue to follow VinFast’s journey to realize their goals and will always welcome them back to this playground with new successes.”

VInFast brings the 'future of mobility' to the Los Angeles Auto Show 2021

The launch ceremony of the global electric vehicle brand and VinFast’s “Future of mobility” exhibition will take place at 3:30 p.m. on November 17, 2021 (Los Angeles time, ie 6:30 a.m. Hanoi time). The program is broadcast live on VinFast’s Facebook and YouTube pages in Vietnam, the US, Canada, France, Germany and the Netherlands.

Los Angeles Auto Show 2021 will be open to visitors from November 19-28, 2021. Details at:

Introducing the Los Angeles Auto Show

Founded in 1907, the Los Angeles Auto Show is the largest annual auto show in North America. The Los Angeles Auto Show is recognized as one of the most influential shows globally. This is where the people of Los Angeles – aka “Angelenos” satisfy their passion for cars, and are the basis for innovative technology and industry around the globe. The Los Angeles Auto Show runs for 10 days over Thanksgiving and is a must-visit for industry professionals, auto enthusiasts and consumers.

In 2021, the Los Angeles Auto Show will welcome media and experts in the automotive industry on November 17-18 and officially open to the public from November 19-28, promising to bring information. Breakthrough in the automotive industry.

VInFast brings the 'future of mobility' to the Los Angeles Auto Show 2021

The Los Angeles Auto Show is certified by the Greater LA New Car Dealers Association, and is owned and operated by ANSA Productions. For the latest event news, follow the Los Angeles Auto Show on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and at

Introducing Vingroup and VinFast

Established in 1993, Vingroup is one of the leading multi-industry private economic groups in Asia with the total market capitalization of 3 listed companies reaching 34.9 billion USD (November 3, 2021). Vingroup operates in three core business areas, including: Technology – Industry – Trade and Service. Learn more at:

VinFast – a member company of Vingroup – is a smart electric vehicle brand that is strongly promoting the global electric vehicle revolution. Established in 2017, VinFast owns a complex of modern and leading automobile factories in the region located in Hai Phong, Vietnam with a degree of automation up to 90%.

VinFast has announced the first 3 electric car models, a superior battery rental policy and a 10-year electric vehicle warranty policy. From July 2021, VinFast has expanded its operations to North American and European markets. It is expected that two smart electric car product lines VF e35 and VF e36 will be officially launched globally by VinFast in early 2022. Learn more at:


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