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2022-01-11 10:43:03

Designed and developed specifically for electric vehicles, the solution Navigation On Demand of HERE will bring the saddle care for VinFast car owners by plan driving route with multiple charging points based on the vehicle’s battery level, and automatically adding new charging points if the driver changes route. The driver will feel secure during the journey when the car is always fully charged and drives efficiently with routes suitable for the maximum driving range of the electric vehicle.

Besides, the solution Navigation On Demand by HERE allow VinFast take advantage of the Navigation as a service model provided by HERE to simplify the infotainment supply chain and development process. This model helps VinFast continuously update and add new features and services to existing navigation services throughout the vehicle’s lifecycle. From that, the firm can optimize research and development costs, while improving the scalability of the service system, supporting VinFast in providing users with an in-vehicle infotainment system (In-DRAWechicle Infotainment – ​​IV) unique.

People Owners of VinFast electric vehicles will have the opportunity to enjoy a rich and powerful experience with a series of modern features, including online and offline search and routing, traffic information updates, proactive Assist with keeping or changing lanes and detailed voice navigation help the driver stay focused while driving. By accumulating fit HERE’s SDK into the VinFast mobile application, users can comfortably use advanced location services to support their journey with just a few buttons.

Mr. Hong Sang Bae, Deputy General Director in charge of VinFast Technology“We are entering the era of connected vehicles, so we understand the importance of staying competitive by being adaptable,” he said. and flexible in these type of service. The services provided by technology application development company HERE are outstanding with their customizable, reliable and accurate navigation system for electric vehicles. These services are not only cost-effective with high scalability, but also Elevate your driving and navigation experience user. The partnership with HERE will support VinFast in fulfilling its mission of delivering a smart driving experience, fun and safe for customers.”

Mr. Jason Jameson, Deputy OLDSenior President and General Manager of Asia Pacific Ocean at HERE Technologies shared: “VinFast has been making impressive strides in the automotive industry in Southeast Asia and continues to grow strongly in the global market. We are proud that VinFast has chosen our service for its first smart electric vehicle product line. VinFast customers will have the opportunity to experience a unique in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) system that connects to their mobile phones, providing a truly connected smart driving experience.”

Model xVFe34 electronics are currently on sale in Vietnam, and The event of handing over cars to customers who placed the pioneer mark was solemnly held at VinFast production complex in Hai Phong, Vietnam on December 25, 2021.


About HERE Technologies

HERE is a developer of mapping and navigation technology platforms that contribute to the development of people, businesses and cities. HERE’s open platform helps partner customers achieve greater operational efficiency, such as helping cities manage their infrastructure better or businesses can optimize resources to deploy transportation operations. safer. To learn more about HERE, visit and

About VinFast and Vingroup

VinFast – a member company of Vingroup – with a vision to become a smart electric vehicle brand that strongly promotes the global electric vehicle revolution. Established in 2017, VinFast owns a complex of modern and leading automobile factories in the region located in Hai Phong, Vietnam with a degree of automation up to 90%. Strongly committed to the mission for a green future for everyone, VinFast constantly innovates to bring high-quality products, intelligent service platform, customer experience, and pricing strategy for all. to inspire global customers to join hands for a future of smart mobility and a sustainable planet. Learn more at:

Established in 1993, Vingroup is one of the leading multi-industry private economic groups in the region with the total market capitalization of 3 listed companies reaching 35 billion USD (November 4, 2021). Vingroup operates in three core areas, including: Technology, Industry – Trade Services – Social Volunteering. Learn more at:



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