VinFast electric cars received nearly 4,000 orders after 12 hours of opening

VinFast electric cars received nearly 4,000 orders after 12 hours of opening


2021-03-26 07:35:51

Only after 12 hours of opening, the first electric car model of VinFast, VF e34, has received a “huge” order of 3,692 orders – an unprecedented record in the Vietnamese car market.

3,692 vehicles are the valid registered number of VF e34 car deposit, from 7:00 am to March 24 to 7:00 pm on the same day on two official VinFast distribution channels: website and showroom system, dealers nationwide. VinFast said that this is the largest number of car reservations in the past 12 hours on the Vietnamese market.

It is known that VinFast is applying a flexible deposit policy of only 10 million VND / vehicle and is ready to refund 100% to buyers. In addition, customers who change from gasoline to electric cars will also receive 30 million VND from Vingroup’s Green Future Fund.

Deposit program for VinFast VF e34 electric car with a special preferential price of VND 590 million will last until June 30, 2021.

VinFast VF e34 is an electric car model in segment C, was announced in January 2021 with the code name VF31. Vehicle has a wheelbase of 2,611mm, dimensions of length x width x height are 4,300 x 1,793 x 1,613 (mm), ground clearance is 180mm, unladen weight is 1,490kg. VinFast VF e34 is equipped with an electric motor with a maximum capacity of 110 kW, maximum torque of 242 Nm with front-wheel drive, MacPherson front suspension, rear suspension in the form of a torsion bar. The car uses a 42kWh capacity battery, which can travel 300km after each full charge. VinFast pioneers a 10-year warranty policy for VF e34.

The VinFast VF e34 vehicle is equipped with a range of driver-oriented and user-oriented features, such as support for remote software updates; automatically diagnose and warn vehicle problems; remote customer care support; plan itinerary; call emergency rescue services; locate and find the charging station, dealer; Track battery charge status, vehicle operation history; warn of the risk of theft; learn and remember users’ usage habits; support voice control … The car is fully equipped with the most advanced safety features today.

VinFast electric cars apply a battery-carrying rental model, instead of selling cars with conventional batteries. According to the company, VinFast will bear all risks regarding the quality and life of the battery during use. When the battery is below 70% capable of receiving charging, customers will be exchanged for a new battery by VinFast.

In terms of costs, customers will pay a monthly battery rental of 1,450,000 VND for a maximum distance of 1,400km (this is the average monthly minimum travel rate of a car according to statistics). If you go over the standard 1,400 km / month, customers will pay an additional 998 VND / km. If adding the cost of charging equivalent to about 484 VND / km, the total cost of battery rental and charging will be 1,482 VND / km.

It is expected that the first VinFast VF e34 cars will be handed over to customers in November 2021.

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