VinFast VF 8 car owners reveal the reason for being ‘addicted’ to electric cars

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2022-11-19 20:51:19

“Peace of mind and happiness”

The experience of using electric cars was shared by Mr. Chu Huu Tho, a communication expert in the automotive field, and also an electric vehicle user at the seminar “Vietnamese users are using electric cars like this”. anyway”, held on November 15 last. Mr. Tho used to own a VinFast VF e34 and is currently riding a VinFast VF 8.

Mr. Chu Huu Tho currently owns a white VinFast VF 8 Plus.

Spending a lot of time talking about the VF 8 Plus in use, Mr. Tho pointed out 3 points that make him really interested. First of all, the feeling of peace of mind when running VF 8 with stability and perfection in many aspects and travel distance after a large charge.

As for the driving experience, the guest of the seminar admitted: Can’t say anything other than “happy”. Tho highly appreciates the full-time 2-wheel drive system of the VF 8 model and the electric motor for a huge capacity of up to 400 horsepower, maximum torque of 620Nm. Those are parameters that Tho has never owned with previous cars, and also parameters that no other model in the same price range as the VF 8 can achieve.

The third thing that makes VF 8 car owners satisfied is that it is equipped with more comfort than the competition. Mr. Tho mentioned a series of utilities such as seat system equipped with cooling and heating features, wireless charging, HUD display screen …

“The best part is that a driver like me often gets sweaty back and thighs, especially on hot days. In the past, I had to use wood grain seat cushions but it was still hot. Now, I am comfortable with the ventilation feature, driving for 4 hours without sweat, “said Mr. Tho.

VinFast VF 8 owns specifications and equipment and technology that are superior to gasoline cars of the same price range.

In summary, according to him, his family’s decision to buy VF 8 was the “continued right” choice, after first owning the VF e34 electric car. In particular, with electric cars, users are exempt from registration fees, so the rolling price is very attractive. “Generally like. Now I don’t want to go back to gas cars,” said the customer who claimed to be “addicted” to electric cars.

Outstanding experience value of VinFast electric cars

To prove his words, Mr. Tho invited a guest at the seminar, Mr. Tran The Trung, to experience the VF 8. Mr. Trung also owns a VF e34 and has not had a chance to test drive the VF 8 yet. .

“The car is spacious, comfortable, airy, the interior is beautiful and well-organized,” said Trung about his initial impressions of the VF 8. As he gradually got used to the gas pedal, Mr. Trung expressed his delight at the power and power. the stability and balance of the VF 8.

“In the same segment, the experience value brought by VinFast electric cars is always superior to the money spent. This is true both for VF e34 and VF 8”, confirmed user Tran The Trung.

In addition to the driving feeling, Mr. Nguyen Dang Quang – VinFast’s Northern Automotive Sales Director, one of the three guests of the seminar – also mentioned the great advantage of the VF 8 electric car, which is smart features, safe. He gave examples of many advanced driver assistance features on the vehicle such as highway driving assistance, lane change assist, etc.

The guests who are electric car owners mentioned many advantages of electric cars compared to gas cars.

As for VinFast electric cars, he also did not forget to mention the outstanding after-sales policy such as a 10-year warranty (or 200,000 km, whichever comes first). During the warranty period, customers can use free 24/7 rescue service or mobile battery repair and rescue…

Regarding the issue that is of primary concern to users is the charging station system, according to Mr. Quang, VinFast has now covered charging stations throughout 63/63 provinces and cities. This system is still continuing to be expanded at many strategic locations such as apartments, commercial centers, rest stops on highways… Especially, recently, the Vietnamese car company has joined hands with PVOil and Petrolimex to install charging stations at gas stations, creating maximum convenience for users.

More broadly, according to him, electric cars will be the inevitable trend of the world. If in 2010, the number of electric cars in the world was almost zero, by 2020, there will be 10 million wheelchairs globally. The number of electric vehicles sold in countries is still increasing year by year. “We see an opportunity from electric cars, to be able to go later, go forward,” Quang stated.

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