Vingroup tests driverless electric cars in Vietnam

Vingroup tests driverless electric cars in Vietnam

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2021-08-08 20:18:05

Recently, the VinBigData Big Data Research Institute (under Vingroup) has announced the test of an autonomous electric vehicle model inside the VinWonder tourist area on Hon Tre Island (Nha Trang). This model of VinBigData includes 23 seats, was born with the purpose of transporting passengers inside tourist areas or urban areas.

The most impressive feature of this model is that it reaches level 4 autonomy, meaning absolutely no need for a driver. To achieve this, VinBigData’s electric vehicles apply Artificial Intelligence technology, combining data between 2 LiDAR sensors and 6 102-degree wide-angle cameras to identify obstacles on the road such as pedestrians, vehicles, etc. signs with high accuracy. In addition, it also integrates a map with high resolution for an area of ​​​​up to 10 square kilometers and optimal positioning ability with an error of only about 5cm in the active area.

To ensure the safety of passengers and road users, this model is also equipped with many features such as the ability to automatically decelerate from a distance of 30m, change lanes from a distance of 10m when there is an object. Roadblocks are determined to be stationary, automatically park, automatically identify motor overcurrent and overvoltage faults…

According to VinBigData, besides the usual flat road surface, this model can work well even with mountainous terrain, when climbing downhill. Under ideal conditions, it can reach an average speed of about 20-25km/h and a maximum speed of 30km/h.

It is known that this electric vehicle is currently in the testing phase and will be officially put into use in 2022.

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