Violating the group rules, the Facebook boss was almost “released to the island”

Violating the group rules, the Facebook boss was almost “released to the island”


2021-07-17 10:59:57

Everyone knows that Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg has a Puli dog named Beast. Zuckerberg loves Beast and often posts pictures of his dog on his personal Facebook.

Recently, Mark Zuckerberg also joined a dog-loving Facebook group called Dogspotting Society. To greet and promote the appointment of experts in Facebook groups, Zuckerberg posted an article in the Dogspotting Society.

“Admins can collaborate with the team’s experts to organize Q&A sessions, share views, and resolve questions”, wrote Zuckerberg. “I’m happy to bring this update to you. I can also do a Q&A on some areas where I can be an expert, like raising a Puli.”

However, Zuckerberg forgot to read the rules of the Dogspotting Society group. This group requires members to post a photo of a dog. They cheerfully call this act “paying the dog tax”.

The members of the Dogspotting Society quickly discovered that Zuckerberg violated the group rules. Some people remind politely while others are humorous when asking administrators to “let Mark Zuckerberg go to the island”.

Mark Zuckerberg also quickly realized his shortcomings. The young technology billionaire immediately compensated the “dog tax” in accordance with the rules of the Dogspotting Society.

“The king’s magic loses to the village rules”, perhaps after this time Mark Zuckerberg will pay more attention in his “acts”.


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