Vitalik Buterin hinted that Justin Sun “tried to profit” when hard fork Ethereum

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2022-08-09 08:29:52

“Crypto Prince” Vitalik Buterin believes that a Proof-of-Work hard fork of Ethereum is being driven by “exchange owners just trying to make a quick buck.”

Vitalik has a hint about the founder of TRON?

At the recent Korean Blockchain Week, Vitalik Buterin shared in a closed press conference. The leader says that those promoting an Ethereum hard fork to maintain Proof-of-Work (POW) The real essence is “trying to make a profit”.

DAO Blockchain TRON Ecosystem Founder Justin Sun recently announced his support for the Ethereum hard fork following The Merge by listing two new tokens on his Poloniex exchange.

The names of these two tokens are expected to be ETHS and ETHW, which involves Proof-of-Stake (POS) and Proof-of-Work (POW) respectively. ETHW represents a new hard fork created after the Merge of Ethereum, where GPU miners continue to mine Ethereum. It is known that a number of miners in China are said to have signed up to be part of this new chain along with Justin Sun.

Not only that, Justin is also looking to incentivize the Ethereum fork to keep the POW version, with a pledge to provide up to 1 million ETHW to build a developer community if the chain is successfully forked.

“We currently have over 1 million ETH. If the Ethereum hard fork is successful, we will donate some ETH after the fork to the ETHW community and developers to build the Ethereum ecosystem.” – Justin Sun said.

Vitalik stated that he only sees support for POS from within the community and that most of those who want to keep POW are “outsiders” of the Ethereum ecosystem. And Justin Sun, the founder of the Tron blockchain, is of course someone outside the Ethereum ecosystem.

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