vivo organizes the Turbo Cup Challenge tournament, gamers prepare to have a “big neck” with T1 series

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2022-05-25 15:06:43

Following the success in foreign markets, vivo T1 series had an impressive debut in Vietnam on May 19. The T1 series phones have won the hearts of gamers by focusing on performance when equipped with the most powerful processors in their price segment, and Turbo features that help upgrade the gaming experience at a premium. competitive price.

The first is vivo T1 5G, the highlight of which comes from performance when equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G 5G chipset with 40% improved performance compared to its predecessor. Combining intelligent features with improved software, T1 5G offers smooth processing from basic tasks such as watching movies, surfing the web, etc. to playing high-graphics games. Equipped with an 8-layer cooling system, supported by the latest Multi-Turbo 5.5 technology, using AI algorithms to allocate power and optimize processing capacity, memory, system,. T1 5G always maintains a stable cool temperature as well as significantly improves the efficiency of resource allocation between the CPU and memory of the machine.

And the “brother” T1x is also equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 680 – a powerful chip that is not inferior to models in the same segment., The phone owns a 6.58-inch screen, sharp FHD + resolution with bright colors and bright colors. Vivid details. The 90Hz refresh rate helps viewers enjoy silk-like smoothness from touch to sight. Whether watching movies or playing games, this monitor delivers sharp images and a smooth experience.

Taking advantage of the victory, vivo Vietnam will organize a semi-professional game tournament on a regional scale with unique competition rules for the national student community called Turbo Cup Challenge. In this first season, the contestants will compete on the game PUBG Mobile. The tournament will be a useful playground, promoting the spirit of Esport in Vietnam and as well as affirming the position of the e-sports industry compared to other countries in the region. This is also an opportunity for young people to have the opportunity to exchange, make friends and experience the T1 series of phones that support gamers with confidence in every game.

From May 21, Turbo Cup Challenge will select 64 teams from universities across Vietnam. Each team consists of 4 members. Going through the national qualifying rounds, the top 4 teams with the best results will represent Vietnam to compete on a regional scale with Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines. The prize for the winning team is extremely attractive with a value of up to 25,000 USD and vivo T1 series phones.

To warm up for the Turbo Cup Challenge, vivo Vietnam will organize an offline event that will take place all day on May 21 at the Student Cultural House in the Vietnam National University Village, Ho Chi Minh City. This will be a place for students to participate in activities to directly experience the power of vivo T1 series products, participate in PUBG Mobile game matches with friends to receive attractive gifts as well as receive prizes. Priority is given directly to the list of 64 competing teams.

More specifically, the event also has the participation of the professional PUBG Mobile team – BOX GAMING – which promises to be a place to meet, exchange and share tips and strategies for PUBG Mobile enthusiasts. can equip themselves with more skills in the game, help level up and confidently “crown” in every battle.

Hurry up and register to participate in the Turbo Cup Challenge battlefield here to have the opportunity to bring glory to Vietnam’s e-sports.

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