vivo publishes the third edition of the 6G white paper on 6G-enabled Services, Capabilities and Technologies

vivo publishes the third edition of the 6G white paper on 6G-enabled Services, Capabilities and Technologies

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2022-07-29 13:30:49

“As one of the world’s leading smartphone manufacturers, we aim to make it easy for consumers to access modern 5G smartphones at affordable prices. Our vision for the next phase is to develop 6G technology. At the forefront of R&D, we are working on research projects on a world of 6G and the technologies that need to evolve to achieve this vision.” Mr. Qin Fei – President of vivo Communication Technology Research Institute shared.

Mr. Qin Fei – President of vivo Communication Technology Research Institute – opened the forum to discuss the development orientation of 6G technology.

In the last two years, the mobile industry has gradually formed a common direction on the types of services that require 6G platforms as well as the technical milestones that need to be achieved to serve this vision. The research and development of related core technologies is also on the rise. vivo Communication Technology Research Institute has been actively contributing to shaping the future of 6G with in-depth analysis and evaluation of 6G business models and operating factors, application scenarios, system architecture and supporting technologies.

Forum to discuss 6G and publish the 3rd white paper on 6G organized by vivo.

This third white paper on 6G is built by vivo on two versions released in 2020. One of them is the white paper “Digital Age 2030+” which provides information on potential 6G technology scenarios. in the next decade. The other white paper is “6G Visions, Conditions and Challenges” which outlines vivo’s vision for 6G technology, namely the convergence of the physical world and the digital world.

Service and Deployability

The third edition white paper proposes that 6G will deliver converged supercommunication, information and computing services, becoming the basis for a connected and converged physical and digital world. According to the analysis, 6G technology will bring together communication, computation and sensing in a single system. The integrated 6G network will not only connect people to people, but also people to devices and device to device, helping to create a whole new digital world. We can expect that hundreds of billions of devices will be connected in 2030.

Mr. Rakesh Tamrakar – Team Leader at vivo Communication Technology Research Institute – announced the 6G white paper project researched and developed by vivo.

“6G helps us bring the next generation of connected technology to every aspect of our lives. It will integrate more access technologies, cover a larger area, and provide the ability to support more services. By seamlessly connecting sectors, transport, offices and households, 6G will contribute a lot to society – from managing human resources in the enterprise to enhancing emergency response. levels and natural disasters,” Mr. Rakesh Tamrakar – Team Leader of Experts at vivo Communication Technology Research Institute said.

6G will extend basic telecommunications services to support entirely new experiences, such as immersive experiences that blend reality, three-dimensional worlds, and multi-sensory communication. 6G mobile data connection services will continue to improve in terms of capacity, data rates, latency, reliability and many other aspects. This helps to expand the number of customers and increase the value of services with comprehensive flexibility and good adaptability to meet all the needs of individuals to different fields.

This means that performance metrics such as data rates (including peak data rates and actual user experience data rates), latency, and regional traffic will need to be must be improved several times or more than 5G connectivity.

The new 6G service will require careful consideration of needs, technology and costs in order to strike a balance between performance and efficiency metrics.

Support many new technologies

New network functions also need to be introduced to support 6G services and achieve the required communication and sensing integration. The 6G network will converge both mobile networks and computing systems, cross-domain data interaction, and native AI networks. This requires a completely different new system architecture.

Integrating sensing and communication opens up new opportunities in mobile wireless networks – the native 6G network with AI will improve radio interface and connection efficiency, improve system flexibility, and reduce cost. The advent of end-to-end multi-tier data systems is needed to support basic and advanced information services. Ultra-low power communication removes barriers to terminal access, allowing this connection to become ubiquitous. Currently, with the development of Multi-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) Technology, Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface technology is able to reconfigure the image. – RIS) and new waveforms are some of the exciting areas of research that pave the way for a more efficient and flexible network system in many scenarios, and moreover that will provide a wide range of features. more useful perceptual abilities.

The research and development project of 6G technology standards is still in the early stages of shaping. vivo Communication Technology Research Institute has been working hard to further refine the scenarios and technical indicators, conduct in-depth research and test the potential of 6G technology, and contribute into the development of a globally consistent 6G technology standard.

Established in 2016, vivo Communication Technology Research Institute focuses on research and standardization of 5G technology. Currently, the Research Institute has submitted more than 8,000 proposals to develop 5G networks for The Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) with 15 technical features and three approved technical projects. Browser.

See more information White Paper Edition “Building a Freely Connected World of Integrated Physical and Digital: Services, Capabilities, and Technology to Enable 6G” here.

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