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2022-11-11 20:09:47

Connect millions of hearts

Not only is the smartphone brand possessing advanced technology along with trendy design and powerful performance – vivo is also marked with the spirit of enthusiasm and love for sports.

intensely as having been officially sponsored smartphones of the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia and UEFA Euro 2020 and 2024.

Vivo is the official smartphone sponsor of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

As one of the oldest sports, football has long been extremely popular. Regardless of race, gender and age – this king sport always has the power to break down all barriers, firmly connecting similar hearts even though each person has a different cultural background.

Feel it and believe that the development of sport and technology share a common philosophy: empowering people to have a good life through continuous breakthroughs and innovations. On the journey of supporting endurance sports in general and becoming a sponsor of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 ™ in particular, vivo is expected to connect more than 5 billion spectators to watch football this year with more than 400 million people. vivo users are active worldwide.

Together with vivo, there are millions of hearts that love football

“Football has the power to bring people together. vivo believes that innovation and continuous improvement in the design, performance, and camera systems of our smartphone products will surely help football fans around the globe easily share an exciting World Cup experience. position and build their own community whether they are watching matches at the football stadium or enjoying the tournament via a remote screen” shared Spark Ni – Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at vivo shall.

“Shoot” turns on the cool, rolling with the World Cup

By cleverly leveraging the power of its technology, vivo also wants to convey the message of “try” with vivo through the Give it a shot campaign during this World Cup season.

Following the spirit of Give it a shot with enthusiasm in the world, vivo Vietnam launches the campaign “Shoot” to turn on the cool, rolling with the World Cup with many extremely interesting and exciting activities.

With the wordplay “shoot” consisting of two floors meaning shot and photographed, vivo wants to convey the message to young people that do not hesitate to capture unforgettable “roll” moments in life, take the “shot” yourself. shot” to connect more friends no matter who you are, wherever you are. This is also a call for fans to step out of their comfort zone and show their own qualities to accept new adventures and challenges such as the football spirit of Give it a shot at this year’s FiFa World Cup.

vivo will have many exciting activities for football fans

During the 2022 World Cup season, vivo will organize a variety of exciting online and offline activities to connect with more users not only in terms of bringing the most advanced technology products but also at affordable prices. spirituality and joy.

In particular, a series of activities not to be missed is an interesting challenge on social networking platforms such as Facebook, Tiktok challenge with the hashtag #vivoV25Series #ShootBatChatCool #CuonCungWorldCup #GiveItAShot #Cun EachShot

In particular, on November 24, vivo’s event “Shoot on cool, roll with the World Cup” in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City will be held with the participation of many players, famous KOLs and a series of fun games that will surely make sports lovers “fall in love from the first moment”.

Participating in the above activities, football fans as well as vivo users also have the opportunity to receive the latest Flagship phones and unique and exclusive gifts “branded” vivo and FIFA World Cup Qatar. 2022™.

Follow vivo Vietnam’s official Fanpage to be ready to welcome the surprises that vivo Vietnam will bring.


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