Voltes V joins the Kollect (KOL) ecosystem

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2022-01-05 04:47:04

Target of Kollect is to be the ultimate hub for NFT collections and Play-to-Earn games, using licensed trademarks and IPs. For that reason, Kollect has been constantly collaborating with many big names in the industry. Today, Kollect is pleased to announce that Toei’s Voltes V will join its ecosystem.

Voltes B, also known as Voltes V, is the team that created the famous Japanese manga series under the talented direction of director Tadao Nagahama. Previously, Japan required copyright registration under “personal author name”, so the entire Toei production team started registration as a fictional character named Yatsude Saburo and so far remains the same. In other words, Toei himself has partnered with Kollect to integrate Voltes V. Through Kollect’s partnership, Voltes V will be integrated into Kollect’s ecosystem through its own production of NFT tokens, closing wrapping in collection (Collection Book), card aggregation mechanism…

Voltes V is the second installment of the Robot Romance Trilogy, which includes Chodenji Robo Combattler V and Tosho Daimos.

The story of Voltes V takes place on an earth under attack by the Boazan aliens. The Boazanians had a caste system and were ruled by horns by the nobility, while the hornless citizens were treated as slaves. The Boazanians also possessed superior technology and management to overpower the earth’s armies when they attacked.

Confronted with an incredibly formidable interplanetary army immune to conventional weapons, renowned Earth scientists, Professor Hamaguchi and Mitsuyo Goh (Kentaro’s wife) summoned three half-Earth children. Professor Kentaro Goh’s land: Kenichi, Daijiro and Hiyoshi along with two new members: Ippei and Megumi (all of whom had undergone special training during all five previous invasions). The group then arrived on the island base of the “Big Falcon” (an exceptionally tightly guarded technological mega-project that took nearly twenty years to complete), at the same time the last scientists revealed the greatest work of Professor Kentaro Goh’s life and hopes to survive to the end.

Volt machines possess unique abilities and weapons, when it is necessary to form a defense against powerful enemies, these machines will line up in a “V” shape, each member will press a button and chant together. resounded, “Let Volt in!” to join forces to form a giant robot named Voltes V.

The integration of Voltes V will be groundbreaking, empowering the community to buy, sell, trade and battle NFTs from a unique fictional universe.

Similar to how Voltes V launched a series of films to the global market and created a new wave for the brand, Kollect will do the same for the NFT industry.

About Kollect

Kollect is a Game Card platform based on NFT technology. The goal of the project is to exploit the multi-billion dollar digital game card market. Through the gamified mechanism, users can also be incentivized and rewarded by collecting different cards.

Kollect has a Marketplace for native cards where users can trade with each other. These cards can also have different attributes that can affect their price and rarity. Also, note that these digital collections are only available to current Kollect users.

Join the group Kollect Vietnam to find out more information.

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