Walmart installs more than 200 Bitcoin vending machines at all supermarkets

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2021-10-23 19:35:04

America’s leading retail group Walmart has started offering the ability to buy Bitcoin at more than 200 supermarkets across the United States.

Walmart installs more than 200 Bitcoin vending machines at all supermarkets

Follow BloombergWalmart is conducting a pilot program to install more than 200 Bitcoin ATMs at its supermarkets across the United States. This is part of a partnership agreement with Coinstar, the company that makes these ATMs, allowing users to buy Bitcoin directly with cash through the Coinme platform, or exchange BTC for gift cards, scorecards, and more. Coinstar says it has installed more than 8,000 such Bitcoin ATMs in the US.

Walmart Communications Director Molly Blakeman said:

“We have partnered with Coinstar to launch a pilot program that allows customers to buy Bitcoin directly with cash. Up to 200 Coinstar devices will be installed at Walmart stores across the US.”

To buy Bitcoin from the machine, the user will have to put cash into the machine and receive a Bitcoin voucher in return. This voucher can then be converted to BTC after the user registers a Coinme account. The BTC purchase fee of this service is 4%.

Interface for buying Bitcoin on Coinstar ATMs

Sam Doctor, Chief Strategy Officer of crypto brokerage BitOoda, commented:

“Bitcoin ATMs have been around for a long time, including in many supermarkets. However, having a retail chain like Walmart offer the ability to buy BTC would further increase consumer confidence in the currency, as well as lower the barrier for those who don’t have Bitcoin for the first time trying to buy them. , although the fee is quite high.”

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