Warner Bros. forbade Zack Snyder from filming a new scene for Justice League, not allow Darkseid to appear, but he doesn’t really care

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2021-03-22 19:22:48

On March 18, Justice League Snyder Cut was officially broadcast, bringing a more comprehensive and complete view of the second most famous superhero team, DCEU in particular and DC in general. As for Snyder, he had the chance to fulfill his unfinished dream since 2017, when he had to withdraw from the project in the middle to take care of his daughter Autumn. As for the fans, they were treated to a hearty action party, with a tight storyline and the ability to develop a much deeper character than the version released four years ago.

However, in order for Snyder Cut to have a favorable debut, Zack Snyder had to negotiate and negotiate continuously with Warner Bros. Initially, they did not want to release this version of Justice League, even intended to just release the “raw” videos that Snyder had previously filmed but had not post-processed, called for a massage. mellow fan. However, as a director dedicated to his work, Snyder insists he did not do it, then he must do it completely if he does. He even declined to accept a salary so he could be creative with Justice League as long as his project doesn’t interfere with future plans that Warner Bros. for the DCEU.

Zack Snyder struggled a lot for Justice League to be released according to his ideas, though Warner Bros. Five turns seven turns to make him difficult.

However, despite being so free, Zack Snyder still has to follow certain “principles” set by Warner Bros. to be allowed to produce Justice League. , he said: “They don’t want me to shoot any new scenes. One of the principles they set for Snyder Cut. But I was, you know, just keep shooting calmly. The reason is because I didn’t know this project was subjected to such “rules” falling from the sky. Not fair at all. This movie is called Snyder Cut. “.

Warner Bros. There’s a whole list of things they don’t want me to include in my version of Justice League. I think the reason is because they also have their own plans for the movie universe they’re building. They fear what I do will affect the DCEU, because they see the 2017 release as the main plot, and my version is in a different world, like a dead end with no links. so. I understand what they want“.

Warner Bros.  forbid Zack Snyder from filming a new scene for Justice League, not for Darkseid to appear, but he doesn't care much - Photo 2.

Zack Snyder defies Warner Bros. principles. for Justice League to be perfected according to his own ideas.

Zack Snyder then continued to go against many of the rules that Warner Bros. posed, because he wants to give fans the most complete and wonderful stories. “They told me, “Please, don’t show any further drawings.” That meant not to put Darkseid in the movie, the character couldn’t appear in the movie. don’t really care much about their request“.

I don’t want to be rude or rude. But that detail (Darkseid) is what the fans want. I have committed to fans that I will release a complete Justice League, without any restrictions. If you were in my situation, you would not feel guilty at all about not following Warner Bros. ‘rules. I never violated any terms. Come to think of it, they have a bunch of projects, a bunch of opportunities for DC, and I only have this one chance.“.

Warner Bros.  forbid Zack Snyder from filming a new scene for Justice League, not for Darkseid to appear, but he doesn't care much - Photo 3.

If Zack Snyder hadn’t been “hard”, we probably wouldn’t have had such a complete Justice League.

Other than the provision that no new footage could be filmed, Zack Snyder had to abide by the rule that Green Lantern was not allowed to appear in the final scene. The segment Bruce Wayne meeting with Martian Manhunter was only an alternative, and Snyder’s original plan was for Batman to meet John Stewart (Green Lantern) and accept him to become a member of Justice League. The male director even finished filming this scene, but was forced to cut it when the movie came out.

Warner Bros. “We have a separate plan for John Stewart, and we want to put this character in the DCEU ourselves,” told me. “So I had to agree to their terms, and replace him with this. Martian Manhunter“.

Warner Bros.  forbid Zack Snyder from filming a new scene for Justice League, not for Darkseid to appear, but he doesn't care much - Photo 4.

Green Lantern should have appeared in Justice League Snyder Cut.

It is clear that since the announcement of the Snyder Cut that will be released in May 2020, Zack Snyder has had to continue going through another fierce struggle to bring a Justice League to the most satisfied fans. And up to the present time, it can be temporarily confirmed that what he does is completely accurate and worthy, with a series of successes that this film has earned: The score is very high on a number of reputable sites ( 74% expert score and 97% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes, 8.5 / 10 on IMDb), huge audience on air date, causing HBO Max in America and HBO Go in Asia to “temporarily shut down. “because of overload.

Now, the question is whether Warner Bros. Will you change your mind and allow Zack Snyder to continue producing Justice League parts 2 and 3? Because he had a very detailed plan for both parts a long time ago.

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