Warner Bros.  “hate” Batman v Superman, not wanting this movie to have any Justice League involvement

Warner Bros. “hate” Batman v Superman, not wanting this movie to have any Justice League involvement


2021-03-27 04:22:57

After Justice League Snyder Cut aired on March 18, stories of discord between Warner Bros. with director Zack Snyder constantly appearing more new details that made fans angry. Not only did these studios publicly show their disapproval of Snyder’s projects, but they also repeatedly pressed him under impossible conditions. Even with the newly released cut, he is also “prepped” with a series of strict requirements to limit his influence on the DCEU in the future (you can learn more in this article).

Recently, Zack Snyder continues to share that Warner Bros. once pressured him to “cut the connection” between Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League. Superman. Dawn of Justice’s premiere, released five years ago, also received a lot of negative comments from both professionals and audiences and could not exceed the $ 1 billion box office mark, earning only a small amount. only 873 million USD. It was this failure that caused Warner Bros. had an urgent meeting to reorganize their team in charge of superhero movies, thus forming DC Films in 2016.

Warner Bros. don’t want the Batman v Superman plot to be related to Justice League.

Sharing with SFX Magazine, Snyder said: “I have a Warner Bros. feeling. has always had a grudge against Batman v Superman. They once pressured me to separate the Justice League plot from this movie. That’s what I don’t want at all, and that’s what I don’t do. This is my three-movie project, so it has to be a seamless story“.

The script of the following movie is influenced by what happened in the previous films. That was how I built this world, leading to the Darkseid invasion. It should have been a 5-work project (with 3 Justice League parts). However, it has officially ended with the new version of Justice League released, superheroes will have to overcome their pain and loss and stand together as a real family.“.

Before Snyder Cut aired, director Zack Snyder had just completed the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition version, bringing beautiful 4K quality to the movie released five years ago. This version is available now on HBO Max and is also released digitally and on disc.

Zack Snyder: Warner Bros.  hate Batman v Superman, don't want this movie to have a Justice League - Picture 2.

Zack Snyder used to want to produce 5 films for the DCEU with closely related storylines.

On the other hand, the CEO of WarnerMedia recently confirmed that he will not continue the DCEU story according to Zack Snyder’s vision, and will not produce more movies related to the events occurring in the Snyder Cut. In other words, the recently released version of Justice League is just a gift to reciprocate the fan’s love for the male director and has no effect on the DCEU’s future.

Zack Snyder naturally understands this, that is why he does not hesitate to “spoil” the content of Justice League parts 2 and 3 – projects will probably forever remain in his mind, not real. Accordingly, the second film will focus on the battle between Superman and the group of superheroes that Batman gathered in the Knightmare timeline. wait the most after watching Snyder Cut: The confrontation between the Earth superheroes and the army of Darkseid. Besides, Zack Snyder also revealed information that made fans fidgety: Superman’s son and Lois Lane Bruce Kent will become the successor of Batman.

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