Warning of fraud via SMS from Sacombank, ACB

Warning of fraud via SMS from Sacombank, ACB


2021-03-29 02:16:51

Recently, there have been many fraudulent messages aimed at customers of Sacombank and ACB. The trick of the scammers is to send SMS messages with the same Brandname registration number as the messaging system of the bank.

Fraudulent messages target Sacombank customers

The content of the message is a transaction alert or unusual login, requiring the victim to log into the website to review the transaction. Included in the message were links to a fake website.

Fraudulent messages target ACB customers
Fraudulent messages target ACB customers

These fake websites have identical interface to the website of Sacombank or ACB. Even the people behind this phishing campaign even equip the fake website with SSL security certificates to bypass the browser blocking mechanism and gain the trust of the victim.

When logging in to fake websites, the victim will lose his bank account and then lose all the money in the account in a blink of an eye.

The fake website interface was identical to that of the ACB bank website
The fake website interface was identical to that of ACB’s

This form of fraud is not new, but many people are deceived. As noted at the present time, websites that fake users should not visit are https://i-sacombank.com, https://vn-sacombank.com and https://v-acb.com . While the official websites of Sacombank and ABC are respectively https://www.sacombank.com.vn/ and https://www.acb.com.vn/.

According to Sacombank’s warning, there are other fake websites such as sacombank.net.vn, iisacombank.com, e-sacombank.com. In addition, the login page of the real Sacombank website has only fields for username and confirmation code, and no password box. The password entry page will have a confirmation section showing the correct picture and note that the customer has chosen.

What to do when receiving strange messages from the bank

The scammer has forged the texting number of a bank, sent a message with content that hits the user’s fear of losing the account, or provoked greed with high profits, making them easily lose their guard easy to worry, click on the link more.

So, what should users do when receiving strange messages from the bank?

Here are the steps to check messages from the bank to help users identify if the message is fake and how to handle it.

  • Check that you are a customer, using the services of that bank or not.
  • Double-check the content of messages coming from the strange bank number to see if it is similar to the presentation of the messages that you have received from the bank before or not.
  • Remember the standard transaction website of the bank you use and double-check (including special characters) the website address in the message.
  • Do not click on the link inside the strange SMS at this time. Only make transactions by application, official website of the bank to ensure safety.
  • Install two-factor authentication in the banking application (can be SMS, token, soft token, biometric authentication) in case your password is leaked.
  • Absolutely do not share, provide login information to anyone in any form.
  • When you suspect a message is fake or lost information, immediately call the hotlines of the banks on the websites.

You should be alert and vigilant to avoid falling into the trap of cyber criminals.


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