Ways to center table cells in Word

Ways to center table cells in Word


2021-03-28 12:26:37

Centering cells in Word when working with tables is an action that needs to be done to reformat the text in each cell according to regulations, as well as create a Word table with a beautiful layout and easier to see. This is the basic manipulation and shows professionalism when you present Word documents, as well as format the layout for tables in Word. There are many ways to center text in Word cells depending on the content in the table in Word and also convenient for each person. The following article will guide you how to center in Word cells.

Method 1. Center cells in Word using keyboard shortcuts

Using keyboard shortcuts in Word is the fastest way to perform some content, including the centering of text in the Word table. We just need to highlight all the contents in the table and press Ctrl + E key combination.

As a result, all text contents in Word table cells have been centered as shown below.

Centered word

Method 2. Use the center command in Word

First, the user also needs to highlight the content in the Word table and then click Layout tab on the toolbar of a Word document.

Click Layout

Now you look below at section Alignment, we will click on Align Center to center cells in Word.

Align Center

As a result, all contents in the Word table are centered.

Align Center

Method 3: Center at Paragraph

Select all the contents in the table you want to center, then click the Home item, look at the item Paragraph then press select Align Center to center the cell is done.

Select center icon

In case you want to create a space above each cell, select the Line and Paragraph Spacing icon and click Add Space Before Paragraph to center cells in Word.

Add a space in the cell

Now you will see that each cell is spaced evenly.

Correction of cells

Method 4: How to align text with Cell Alignment

Step 1:

To be able to center the cell content, you cannot press Enter to return a line because this is a non-standard, inaccurate way. We must use the Align Table function available in Word.

First highlight the content to center, then right-click and select Cell Alignment. Appear a list of different positions in the table in Word to adjust the table content. Here we will choose the middle position by clicking Icon center square.

Click the center icon

Step 2:

As a result we will see that the cell content is aligned correctly in the center as shown below.

Center content in Word cell

Alternatively, we can also use another way: highlight the content, then click Layout tab, then look down Item Alignment will also click center square icon.

Click the Layout tab

If you want to align the contents of the Excel table cell, click Home tab and then click 2 icons centered horizontally and vertically as shown below.

Center cell in Excel

Manipulation of content in Word is a simple operation and done often, when we are working on Micorsoft office tools. However, the text alignment will not be the same as when we align it in the table. You must use the Align Table function in the table in Word.

Video instructions to align text in Word, Excel tables

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