Ways to earn SLP Axie Infinity

Ways to earn SLP Axie Infinity

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2021-07-26 19:55:59

When downloading the game Axie Infinity, besides Axies, players also have another concern that Smooth Love Potions (SLP) or SPL farm is the easiest and fastest way to make money when playing Axie Infinity.

This is one of the most important resource types in the game. Players use them to breed new Axies or resell them to other players in the market for real money.

If you want to get SLP but don’t know where to start, follow below guide to get Smooth Love Potions and how to get maximum amount of SLP per day.

Get SLP by completing daily quests

Daily quests will consist of 3 missions:

  • Complete the Daily Check-in by logging into the game.
  • Complete 10 levels in Adventure mode (maybe the same level each time)
  • Win 5 matches at Arena

Fight monsters in Monster Battle in PVE mode

With PVE mode, you can earn up to 100 SLP per day. This is the mode where you will play against the machine, you and your team will fight against the monsters.

Includes 36 levels with increasing difficulty and the higher the level, the more SLP you are rewarded with.

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Level SLP received
Level 1 – 4 1 SLP per win
Level 5-9 2 SLP per win
Level 10 – 14 4 SLP per win
Level 15-16 6 SLP per win
Level 17 – 20 5-10 SLP per win
Level 21 – 36 10-20 SLP per win

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In addition, we also have 2 more Boss battles in PVE mode that will bring a large amount of SLP such as:

  • Level 21 – 200 SLP
  • Level 36 – 300 SLP

PVE does not require energy to gain SLP in Adventure mode. It is only required to gain EXP, which means that Adventure mode is the only way to hunt SLP if you have run out of Energy.

Finally, Adventure mode is not as demanding as PVP. So this is a great activity if you just want to farm SLP.

Hunting SLP in PVP mode

In contrast to PVE, in PVP mode you have to face other players in the game. Arena mode is a very good source of SLP earning. But in PVP, you will have to spend energy. If you have no energy, you will not be able to gain SLP in Arena.

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One mana is consumed for every battle in the Arena and you can waste it if you lose a PVP match. The amount of SLP you earn from winning an Arena match depends on your arena rank or MMR score. The higher the rank, the more SLP you earn.

Arena Ranking Earned SLP
Under 800 0 SLP
800 – 999 1 SLP
1000 – 1099 3 SLP
1100 – 1299 7 SLP
1300 – 1499 8 SLP
1500 – 1799 9 SLP
1800 – 1999 10 SLP
2000-2199 11 SLP
2000+ 12 SLP

How to increase your energy?

axie infinity slp methods

Battles in Adventure mode and Arena consume 1 Energy.

  • Adventure Mode (PVE) – ARE NOT need energy to earn SLP
  • Arena (PVP) – Energy is required to earn SLP

Since Arena mode requires energy to earn SLP, one way to increase your daily SLP farm income is to also increase your energy so you can do more battles.

axie infinity slp methods

The maximum number of mana points and the time it takes for you to recharge depends on the number of Axies you own. The more Axies you have, the faster and more mana will be recovered

Number of Axies you own Energy in a day Recharge time
3-9 Axies 20 Energy 5 Energy every 6 hours
10-19 Axies 40 Energy 5 Energy every 3 hours
20 Axies or more 60 Energy 5 Energy every 2 hours

Many people invest in more than 20 Axies to maximize the amount of SLP earned in a day. With such a number of Axies, the amount of Mana recovered will be more.

The minimum SLP that many players can achieve in a day is 150 SLP. All players start their day with 20 energy. That means you can play 20 PVP matches in one day. The number will increase to 60 battles if you have more than 20 Axies.

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