Web3Auth is the main sponsor for the opening night of the ETHDenver 2022 event

Web3Auth is the main sponsor for the opening night of the ETHDenver 2022 event


2022-03-05 14:30:14

Web3Auth is the main sponsor for the opening night of the ETHDenver 2022 event

ETHDenver is one of the largest Web3 developer conferences in the world, always attracting attention from the heads of the crypto space – especially the Ethereum community. ETHDenver is currently being held in the state of Colorado – a center dedicated to research, development and innovation of Ethereum and Blockchain.

In the three years since Web3Auth started operating as a Web3 company, this is the second time Web3Auth has had the opportunity to participate in this huge gathering dedicated to the brightest minds in the industry. Participating in this event, Web3Auth will be the main sponsor of the ETHDenver opening party.

The party was held at the Wings Over The Rockies Air and Space Museum, which showcases more than 50 iconic aircraft and the most realistic flight simulators.

Starting at 2pm and lasting until 2am the next morning, the inaugural party featured a series of interesting conversations and discussions with Web3Auth co-founder and CTO Leonard Tan.

Later that day, Web3Auth Co-Founder and CEO Zhen Yu Yong also gave a talk on the popular topic: “How to Accelerate Adoption of Wallets and Web3 Apps”.

The audience was surprised when they heard about the Web3Auth SDK, they were able to breathe a sigh of relief when they got rid of the hard to remember seed phrase in their dApp in just a few minutes.

ETHDenver has set the stage for some of the biggest names in Blockchain to come and share their invaluable insights with the community. The party was full of veteran faces including the founders of some of the largest NFTs, marketplaces, the founders of the Layer-2 protocol to senior members from the Ethereum Foundation and countless developers. interesting from many ecosystems.

After the event, it was the simplicity of Web3Auth that attracted a lot of attention from the community from across different regions.

About Web3Auth

Web3Auth is a simple, unattended authentication infrastructure for Web3 applications and wallets. For native users who are already familiar with the concept of cryptocurrencies, Web3Auth makes them feel “at home”, allowing them to easily connect or access the key manager of their choice, which can be are Metamask, Phantom, Ledger… For new users, developers can use Web3Auth to build intuitive login flows, such as single sign-on with Google and Twitter, eliminating the need for users must communicate directly with vulnerable public and private key pairs.

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