Weekly CHK (July 25 – July 31): Market recovers despite Fed rate hikes

Weekly CHK (July 25 – July 31): Market recovers despite Fed rate hikes


2022-07-31 07:22:40

The cryptocurrency market recovered strongly in the last week of July with the main reason stemming from the psychological preparation for the news that the Fed raised interest rates to cope with the inflation situation.

In addition, the amount of negative news has also decreased significantly, creating conditions for major cryptocurrencies to bounce and revive the market. The wave of fundraising also returned with many projects announcing agreements to raise money up to tens of millions of dollars.

Let’s review it all with CHK to make sure you don’t miss any important news!

Movement in value of leading cryptocurrencies compared to 7 days ago, statistics taken at 09:50 AM on 31/07/2022. Source: Coin360

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Central point 🔥

– Cryptocurrency market strongly recovers after Fed raises interest rates

– The fact that Sky Mavis CEO transferred money to Binance first Axie Infinity hack

Babel Finance Using customer money to trade with a loss of 280 million USD

Big Cap

– Latest updates on progress The Merge of Ethereum

Cardano Vasil hard fork postponed due to technical error

Polygon continued to launch Nightfall enterprise expansion solution, operating strongly in Q2

Shiba Inu encountered a problem about the SHIB coin burning gate that made the community extremely “outraged”

Tether, Bitfinex Launching a P2P App Building Support Platform

Harmony proposed compensation of 4.97 billion ONE for the Horizon hack, the community strongly objected

Fantom (FTM) approved the proposal to use the coin burning fee to set up a fund to support the development of the ecosystem

Oasis (ROSE) building a platform to protect Instagram user information

– AntPool invests 10 million USD in the ecosystem Ethereum Classic (ETC)

Helium (HNT) accused of “shady” in business activities


Curve 1 million OP funding from Optimism

– Offer Lido DAO selling 10 million tokens to Dragonfly Capital rejected, immediately replaced with new proposal

Nirvana (ANA) Flash loan attack on Solana, loss of nearly 3.5 million USD

NFT, Games and Metaverse 🖼🎮🌐

Binance support selling NFT football tickets for Club Lazio

NFT First official of FC Barcelona Sold for 693,000 USD

GameStop Falling Man NFT “quickly deleted” after being heavily stoned

– In the midst of the FUD storm, Coinbase released a movie trailer shill APE “catastrophe”

Large organizations

Aptos raise capital of 150 million USD from many well-known funds

Unstoppable Domains raise $ 65 million in Series A round

Variant raise $450 million for two new crypto investment funds

Voyager rejected the offer to buy back of FTX because we want to protect users

– The wave of staff cuts continues to call out Immutable

– Meta’s metaverse division continues to “lose” $2.8 billion in the second quarter of 2022

Legal and Reception

Korea Continuing to postpone the 20% cryptocurrency tax to 2025, investigating “Kimchi Premium”

– New bill to deal with stablecoin risks in the US delayed until September 2022

– Central African Republic (CAR) opens a public sale Sango Coin

Solana opening retail store and Web3 “embassy” in New York

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