Weekly CHK (June 13 – June 19): Celsius – 3AC “failed”, the market “broken”

Weekly CHK (June 13 – June 19): Celsius – 3AC “failed”, the market “broken”


2022-06-19 10:35:42

The crypto market has had a torturous week, as a flurry of negative news about Celsius and Three Arrows Capital’s performance caused a “chain effect” that sent the market into panic, sending the prices of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin up. Other major altcoins fell to their 2022 lows, as well as their lowest since January 2021.

Let’s review it all with CHK to make sure you don’t miss any important news!

Price movements of top cryptocurrencies on the market at 08:05 AM on 19/06/2022. Source: Coin360

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Weekly news: Celsius on the verge of collapse – “The noose” gradually tightens the necks of the “big hands”


Central point 🔥

BTC dump to $17k, ETH to “first 3 numbers”the crypto market for the first time since January 2021 lost 1 trillion USD in market capitalization

Fed raised interest rates by 0.75%, the biggest increase since 1994

– Celsius “failed”, Three Arrows Capital “had liquidity problems”:

Top 7 crypto billionaires lost $114 billion in wealth in just 8 months, CEO of Binance predicting the “crypto winter” will continue

Coinbase lay off 1,100 employees

Big Cap

Ethereum (ETH) continue to delay the deployment of the “difficulty bomb” to August

Cardano (ADA) release EVM sidechain on testnet

Tether FUD refutes Celsius, Three Arrows Capital fund and USDT underwriting issue – Capitalization continues down 1.6 billion USD due to withdrawal

Solana (SOL) new fee model coming soon

TRON withdrawing 7.1 billion TRX from the exchange, USDD price still cannot recover to 1 USD

Binance Stop supporting deposit and withdrawal Litecoin (LTC) Using Mimblewimble Upgrade

Chainlink (LINK) integration with Moonbeam to provide price data for Polkadot

USDC Issuer Launch of euro-backed stablecoin

Elon MuskTesla, SpaceX sued for “seducing” investment Dogecoin (DOGE)


CEO Rari resignsFei-Rari alliance is in danger of disbanding

Tribe – Fei suspected of “dictatorship DAO”

MetaMask Warning of security holes from old versions

Inverse Finance flash loan attack

NFT, Games and the Metaverse 🖼🎮🌐

NFT floor price plunges the same crypto market, but there are still many players who “catch the bottom”

Merit Circle and Yield Guild Games officially “everyone’s way”

Vitalik Buterin expressed “skepticism” about the definition of metaverse

Bill Gates argues that expensive NFT projects are just relying on “the more fool theory”

– American actor paid 300,000 USD to redeem NFT Bored Ape

OpenSea “migrate” to the new NFT platform to improve transaction quality

Investments from large institutions

Immutable Set up a fund of 500 million USD to develop the Web3 game segment

MicroStrategy and El Salvador “deep hole” because of strong Bitcoin dump

Huobi Launches $1 billion investment fund focused on DeFi and Web3

Sequoia Capital Launched two new funds to expand investment in Web3

Legal and Reception

SEC investigating insider trading on crypto exchanges, threatening to impose regulations on lending projects

Binance.US was sued with a class-action lawsuit alleging misleading investors about Terra

Crypto.com Exchange cut 260 employees, BlockFi “breaks up” 20% of employees, Binance still recruiting “as usual”

Tag Heuer integrating NFT into some smartwatch models

Samsung Launch of Samsung Wallet digital wallet app

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