Weekly Review by Infographics W12

Weekly Review by Infographics W12


2021-03-28 10:12:33

Hi guys, this is the Week Finals through Infographic Images, providing insights in the market for the most intuitive way for you guys.

The article is based on the research of Coin98 Analytics team, I gathered and added some comments, you can see more infographic content. here.

This week, instead of going through the events of the week, we will take a look at ecosystems, and see how they are evolving. When the market is falling and moving sideways, I think this is a precious time for us to stop and observe the market movements to know where we are.

Avalanche generation

Avalanche is a Blockchain platform that was Mainnet early, much faster than competitors like Polkadot, Cosmos, … but the project still seems to focus on building technology, recently updated Apricot Phase One version 50% off transaction fees on the Avalanche platform.

Bridge Avalance – Ethereum in the past is still very active, is a bridge to help dozens of projects from other platforms move to Avalanche, helping to accelerate the development process on this platform. Avalanche may not currently have too many highlights, some important pieces like Lending are still missing, but it will also be an opportunity for us to find new projects above.

Polkadot system

If you follow the DeFi in Polkadot Series, you will not be surprised by the image below. The Polkadot system has almost all the pieces of the puzzle in all segments, this is a highly appreciated platform by the community (TOP 6 Market Cap).

In the upcoming Q2, both Kusama and Polkadot will Mainnet, a series of projects will participate in the Parachain Auction. There are already a number of projects that have now begun calling for Crowd Loan from the community, this is an opportunity you can seize at this stage.

Series DeFi in Polkadot, brothers see more here.

Binance Smart Chain System

Mainnet has been 7 months, and the growth rate of BSC is going very fast, there are many data to talk about this growth, such as the number of addresses on BSC, the number of transactions, all increased strongly and surpassed. Ethereum.

TVL on BSC also increased strongly, by more than 200% in the past month. However, besides many good projects, there are also a lot of scam projects on BSC, especially the Yield Farming projects. So, investment opportunities on BSC still exist, but please choose carefully before deciding to invest.

Read more: Binance Smart Chain 101 – Everything you need to know about BSC

Solana System

Solana is an ecosystem that I personally will grow strongly in the near future, writer Falcon_11 of his team has a comment about Solana system on Coin98 Insight’s Telegram channel, you can read it again here.

Solana & Serum DeFi hackathon results as a perfect stepping stone for the explosion of an ecosystem.

Comparing blockchains

Below is a summary table, comparing the specifications of popular blockchains. You can refer to investment decisions.

Top 10 projects with the most attention on Twitter

Pancake After a period of sideways, it has risen sharply by more than 70% in the past week, and currently ranks 3rd among the most mentioned Coin on Twitter.

The remarkable news in the coming time

You seem to be very interested in the projects on Coinlist, there will be 2 more projects, Rally and Mina, currently on Coin98 Insights there is a Token article and detailed participation instructions for 2 projects, brothers can refer to.


Above are some outstanding news from the past week. If you still see any outstanding news, please comment under the comments for discussion.

See you in the next issue of Weekly Review by Infographic.

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