Welcoming a romantic Valentine through the prism of the triple camera of 50MP and 13MP selfie camera of Galaxy A14 5G

Welcoming a romantic Valentine through the prism of the triple camera of 50MP and 13MP selfie camera of Galaxy A14 5G

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2023-02-16 09:37:51

Triple camera 50MP and front camera 13MP

The recently launched Galaxy A14 5G is a pioneering smartphone to conquer the market with a segment-leading trio of sharp 50MP cameras, a 13MP selfie camera on the basis of stable multitasking performance, and a new design language. specific to GenZ.

With a selling price of VND 5,190,000 for the 4 GB RAM and 128 GB internal memory version, the Galaxy A14 5G is a rare device on the market that offers up to three lenses including: 50MP main camera, f/1.8, (wide angle) ), supports PDAF phase detection focus; second camera 2 MP, f/2.4, (macro) and finally 2 MP camera, f/2.4, (depth measurement). At the front, 13MP Selfie camera with clear, realistic image processing.

This is a camera configuration with versatile shooting capabilities, promising high image quality in any context. And I chose Galaxy A14 5G to record memorable moments with him on Valentine’s Day.

Romantic check-in is not difficult when you have Galaxy A14 5G

As introverts, we don’t want to take pictures in crowded streets. If you are like me but still want to have a romantic couple check-in photo, try following these two tips:

Instead of going to crowded streets, try going to the Imperial Citadel of Thang Long – a place located in the center of Hanoi but still retains a spacious space with many nostalgic romantic photo corners.

With the help of a Tripod and the self-timer ability of the Galaxy A14 5G, you will easily take photos with that person “extremely deep” that will make your friends “admiring”.

Using a 50MP main camera with a wide angle and we are a distant subject, the picture will have both sharpness and a poetic background around it. Even on a sunny day, the Galaxy A14’s 50MP camera easily brightens up the subject but does not burn the image or lose details.

Taking advantage of the surrounding contexts, putting you and that person in the center of the frame and then focusing will produce extremely good private space photos.

But not only that, the Galaxy A14 5G has a 2MP depth sensor. This important tool allows users to easily produce portraits with blurred backgrounds with blurred backgrounds like a professional camera and produce shimmering photos even if it’s two people. only myself.

But not just in the back. The 13MP front camera of the Galaxy A14 5G is also more than capable of taking selfies with an attractive background to remove fonts.

Once all the shooting angles have been taken, try switching to Macro shooting mode where the power of the remaining 2MP camera shows. Focusing on the flower, the background is yourself and that person, will produce an artistic photo with a hidden mystery behind.

Editing, Blending colors available in the machine for more romantic couple photos

Sharp image quality is a necessary condition, but with a little more color Blend, Valentine’s photos will become more romantic than ever. Galaxy A14 5G gives you all the tools to do it,

The built-in color filter system with more than 15 filters available and the light and contrast correction tools available in the photo application will allow you to easily overlay colors according to your own taste to add a romantic touch to your look. photos in an uncompromising way.

The 6.6-inch Infinity V screen with an expanded 20: 9 aspect ratio similar to the high-end designs of the S series, along with a 90Hz FHD+ refresh rate, helps users enjoy a spacious space for photo editing work together. that guy. In addition, this screen also provides vivid, smoother entertainment than ever before.

During the whole shooting session and editing photos afterwards, even with continuous use, the Galaxy A14 5G did not get hot and drain the battery too much. This comes from a well-optimized central processing chip, resulting in a battery of up to 5000 mAh that helps users use comfortably all day long and even two days with a single charge. To fill the battery, the ability to support fast charging of the Galaxy A14 5G does not make you wait long.


With a selling price of only VND 5,190,000, the Galaxy A14 5G is an option that is almost unrivaled in terms of photography capabilities in the segment. Not only that, the Galaxy A14 5G with its youthful, colorful design and a series of super useful features as above will be a perfect choice for both men and women on this Valentine’s Day! What are you waiting for without getting it right away so that every day will be Valentine with your other half.

(Photo: Sea Swallow – Nam Quynh)

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