What about the NFT is extremely HOT, you will see the data

What about the NFT is extremely HOT, you will see the data


2021-03-23 09:40:10

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Google search volume for the term “NFT” has been at an all-time high – according to income data from The Block Research.

To evaluate whether that keyword is popular or not, Google took the 0 to 100 mark, with 100 being the most popular.

Search volume for the phrase “NFT“Reached its highest level for the week starting March 8. The number has gradually increased from 15 in mid-February to 64 at the beginning of March. And now it has reached 100.

Through the search volume, it has been shown that the attraction of NFT is extremely large.

google search nft keyword

As the BTA recently reported, the NFT market has seen a significant increase in performance, especially since celebrities have been continuously PR for it, already a lot of artwork is being affiliated with NFT.

This increase in interest is further demonstrated by the NFT platform’s weekly user numbers, peaking at 398,800 for the week starting March 8.

In which, NBA Top Shot makes up the majority of the total with 379,000 users, followed by the Ethereum-based NFT game Axie Infinity with 12,260 users.

number of users on nft platforms

The NFT’s weekly trading volume has shown a huge degree of volatility. Volume reached an all-time high in the last week of February with a total of $ 196.35 million traded. NBA Top Shot accounts for $ 125 million, while NFT CryptoPunks market accounts for $ 62.67 million.

transaction volume of nft

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