What if we experienced life from a third-person perspective instead of a first-person perspective?

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2022-04-16 12:41:03

Viewing angle is one of the important factors that directly affect the experience of video games. In today’s gaming world, the two most common types of perspective are still first-person perspective and third-person perspective.

Simply put, in the first person perspective, players will experience the game through the eyes of the character they control, thereby truly immersing themselves in the environment in the game, bringing a sense of suspense. , more interesting. In this perspective, the gamers’ field of view may be somewhat limited, but in return, they can play the role better, with more authentic emotions.

As for the third-person perspective, the gamer acts as an observer, able to see the entire body and actions of the main character. As a result, their vision in the game’s environment is also wider, more inclusive, it is easier to detect secrets or enemies around, but it is difficult to bring a realistic experience with a first-person perspective.

Viewing angle is an important factor in the gaming experience.

If life were a super realistic video game, most of us are experiencing it first-person – through our own eyes, and wouldn’t be able to see ourselves without a good mirror. reflective materials. So what if we lived in third person? YouTuber Louis Weisz will provide the most accurate answer.

To implement this project, Louis created a special camera system, combining a 3D camera and a set of VR glasses connected to a smartphone so that he could observe himself in a real environment. Louis’ goal is to be able to survive in the middle of the jungle for 24 hours without taking off these glasses.

What if we experienced life from a third-person perspective instead of a first-person perspective?  - Photo 2.

Louis Weisz experiences the “game of life” in a third-person perspective.

After a fairly smooth start with determining the direction based on the sun, our YouTuber began to face many difficulties and spend a lot of time doing the seemingly simplest tasks. Even lighting a match to light a fire made Louis struggle for hours, because the third-person perspective in reality is really too virtual, too elusive. In addition, he also has no vision restriction and cannot observe the ground area near his position.

However, it should be noted that although Louis was very strict with his test rules, his surroundings were actually full of friends who supported both filming and preparing food and drinks inside. Forest. Therefore, we should only follow this YouTuber’s video for fun and to expand our knowledge, absolutely not to follow to ensure our own safety.

[Vietsub] YouTuber survival in the middle of the forest in “third person”.

https://CHK.vn/se-the-nao-neu-chung-ta-trai-nghiem-cuoc-song-duoi-goc-nhin-thu-ba-thay-vi-goc-nhin-thu-nhat- 2022041516573026.chn

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